Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Team Ortho Monster Dash Half Marathon

I have been having race withdrawals! It is no wonder as I haven’t raced since The Securian Half Marathon in January! That’s crazy. I haven’t gone this long without racing since I began to run 12 years ago. I have been running nice mileage, however. Just running it with Topaz instead of racing and traveling.

I loved the Team Ortho Polar Dash race. The organization, the bling, the atmosphere was just awesome. As I was looking for an October race today and saw the Team Ortho Monster Dash I knew I was going to enter this one.

Half-Marathon is a nice morning run distance. The race takes place around the prettiest areas of Minneapolis to run-the lakes and parkways. I’m looking forward to it! I have to be back home for the afternoon so I'll have plenty of time to run, visit and head on home.

Saturday, October 30; the day promises to be sunny, crisp, beautiful ☺


SteveQ said...

My last race was the Superior 50K! That's the longest I've gone without racing in... um... it was 1977, I think!

Oh, wait, I DNF'ed in a 10K on July 4th. Guess that counts.

Julie B said...

Isn't that crazy! a 10K DNF, really? Hey, your comment made me realize I didn't give my post a title. It's been so long..thanks Steve!

SteveQ said...

I guess the Wildwoods 25K in August slipped my mind - I'm doing more races than I thought. I'll look for you at the Monster Dash.

salomon shoes said...

It's always been great to run in nice places, like the Minneapolis area. Like your blog, Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, I was the pacer at The Polar Dash and I am pacing the Monster Dash too. I will be running 1:55. maybe you coulld run with me.

Julie B said...

1:55 would be an awesome fast finish for me. I may just look you up!! Thanks!