Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slip Sliding Away

The roads and everything else today are absolutely trecherous! When driving home from church service last night a light mist was falling. I knew it meant trouble for driving out to the trail head today.

By 6 AM there was a thin layer of ice over everything. I drove very slowly to Lake Maria and not too suprisingly, didn't encounter many vehicles.

The gravel lot was even layered in ice. Topaz jetted across it, skidding out before he reached the dirt of the trail. I slid along the lot very slowly until I came to the trail. The clear ice sparkeled under the beam of my headlamp.

The trail wasn't in bad shape as most of it is under a heavy tree canopy. There were a few icy spots but all in all it was an excellent run although it was much 'noisier' than usual. The grass and leaves were covered in a fine thin ice, crinkling and crackling under my feet.

We spooked a flock (flock?) of turkeys in the middle of the trail. As they flew up into the trees shards of ice fell upon us. It was so cool!

After a few hours the mist turned into a heavier 'almost' rain, but was still freezing upon contact. As I navigated the open field the ice was apparent. I sort of skated through the meadow until I entered the forest where my traction was much better.

Topaz wouldn't slow down no matter what the surface; he skidded along the meadow even though I was telling him to slow down. I was afraid he'd damage a knee as he shimmied across the ice. Somehow he kept his balance.

After 4 hours of running we exited the woods to the barren lot where only my car was sitting, covered in a layer of ice. After chiseling the windows I slowly drove home..very slowly. MNDOT advised no driving for this morning and they weren't out sanding. Very slippery.

Once I arrived home and told Troy about the ice he couldn't wait to check it out. Troy and I, along with Topaz, headed out for a slide along the roads near our home. The ice didn't disappoint Troy, we played hockey and a what we named 'ice ball' as we slid up and down the street. Awesome fun!

We couldn't help but wish that this would have happened tomorrow, instead. A no school day, for sure.

The rest of the day will be spent preparing for Thanksgiving. Baking pecan pies, cornbread for my stuffing and some more Christmas cookies.


SteveQ said...

I managed 2 miles on ice before deciding it wasn't worth it today.

Noticed I have a hole in my favorite wind pants, tights and Under Armor - all in the same place. Time to go shopping (when the roads clear).

Fifty K said...

Sounds like a great run! I know those icy days aren't too far away for me. Very cool you enjoyed the ice on the roads, love the pic.

Julie B said...

Hey Kirstie! I'm glad I went out to run and slide the neighborhood roads with Troy! I spent the rest of the day inside and began to get stir crazy!!

elizabeth said...

I was out running in the cold snowy weather here in MT today. So glad you are again posting about your winter runs with Topaz. Can't believe the # miles you run wearing snowshoes. I have some running snowshoes, but do most of my running without them and wear yaktrax or other gripping devices on my shoes when needed for ice. The snowshoes are tough on my feet. Witner running is definitely slower, but feels great to get out there and run anyway!

I would love to try a cornbread stuffing, can you share your recipe sometime?

UFS-INFORM said...

well done - keep it up