Saturday, December 11, 2010

17th Annual Lake Harriet 50K Fat Ass CANCELLED

Boo! Mother Nature has nixed the 50K fun run I had scheduled for tomorrow at Lake Harriet. It is so much fun! Approximately 7 loops around Harriet-up through the neighborhood, check my name on the list in the porch and do it again. So much fun!

I totally understand that with over a foot of fresh snow and -30F wind chills it had to be canceled. I'll be going solo instead.

Tuscobia is one week from today :)

We are in the midst of a good old fashioned snow storm.

This morning by 5 AM there was about 6" of snow in the driveway. It was a slow snowy drive to Maria State Park. As I figured, there wasn't ANY traffic other than snow plows. Slow and easy.

Of course the lot was empty when Topaz and I piled out of the car. He ran away like a banshee-racing me to the trail head. I had to get my snowshoes on in the dark, fumbling with my headlamp so I could strap them on.

The wind was whipping and the snow was flying. We headed off into the darkness. It kind of felt rather spooky, knowing there wasn't anyone else in the park. There were not any car tracks going into the park so unless someone was in one of the remote cabins there was nobody here but us.

I couldn't see Topaz in front of me, the snow was so heavy. All I could see was a white out in front of my lamp. Weird. Eerie weird. Cool. Way cool.

As we ran along I could hear the maples above me bending in the wind..and snapping branches..and pretty soon a branch fell in between Topaz and I. Oooh.

Daylight had to arrive soon. It seemed like at least an hour had passed. Sure enough, it was 7 AM but not a bit of daylight was approaching. The thick clouds and heavy snow was not letting any light in.

Not until 722 did I finally see a bit of light from the sky. I turned off my headlamp and watched the sun try to brighten the cloud cover. Still rather dark, but I could now see without lights.

Topaz was a flurry of activity. Chasing deer, squirrels, turkey and fox; the now fresh 8" of snow on the ground wasn't slowing him down. I was trudging. I was tired. I was out of my mind happy. SO beautiful, so peaceful, so thrilled to be out in the woods enjoying myself. There wasn't anything else I'd rather have been doing.

As I ventured out along a trail that I hadn't yet broke the snow was up past my knees, up to my thighs. This is along an open area where I normally see many deer feeding. They weren't feeding out in the open today. As the wind howled around me I realized that this was one hell of a storm. Pretty soon I heard thunder. Ah, thunder snow! Typically 1" plus of snow falls per hour when one hears thunder along with it. Amazing.

When thoughts of driving home surfaced I pushed them away. No sense in thinking about it now. Enjoy the run..

4 hours and 15 SLOW miles later we came back to the lot. My car was buried under the snow. What a sight. I helped Topaz to de-ice his legs and started the car. While it warmed I took off my snowshoes and uncovered my car. Wow, still snowing like crazy.

After a slow drive home I made it safe and sound. Troy was heading out to slide. I told him I'd quick change into dry clothes and meet him out there.

More trudging around, sliding down, climbing up, laughing on my back as I fell into the snow! What a blast.

Troy is now drinking hot cocoa, Topaz is sleeping next to the fireplace and I was going to head over to Gold's. I just called to make sure they were open and guess what? They are closing at 3 due to snow. Really?

Enjoy the snow! Go on out there, play in it, laugh in it, lay down and make a snow angel!


A Prelude To... said...

I love the snow so much!! I wish we got more here.
Stay warm :-)
...and make a snow angel for me!

Julie B said...

Hi Julie! OK, will do :) It is just wonderful!! Over 20" yesterday. Amazing. The Metrodome roof even popped. Crazy!

SteveQ said...

Julie, you're making the rest of us look bad again! I decided shoveling was my workout for the next couple days.