Saturday, December 11, 2010

Topaz is Nine!

(I wrote this on Thursday but didn't realize I didn't post it until now!)

For Topaz's 9th birthday (edited to add:) on Thursday a 9 mile snowshoe run was scheduled. The weather was perfect for a winter day. No wind, bright sunshine and a good amount of snow.

At 4:00 sharp we left the lot and as usual, nobody had been upon the trails since I broke them. I carried my headlamp and a few gels for the run. I knew it would be dark upon our finish. It becomes pretty dark in the woods just before 5:00, with a pre-dark at about 4:45 where I need to take out my lights. I have such horrible night vision, it is very difficult for me to see in the darkening woods.

It was pretty cool to begin our run in the bright beautiful sunshine, breaking more trail, feeling the warm sun upon my back. Pretty soon the sky began to turn a pink and purple color as the red ball began to set. The moon began to rise and before I knew it we were in darkness. I put on my headlamp and continued to break trail. Before I knew it we were in total darkness. I stopped to flick off my light, to look at the stars. They they were, obliterating the darkness of the sky. Beautiful.

2 hours later were were back at the car, ready to head home. A perfect birthday run for Topaz :)

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kelly said...

Sounds like a great Birthday run! At what age did you start running with Topaz? I have an Aussie puppy and she loves to get out on the trails.