Friday, March 11, 2011

Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run

Minnesota is offering some pretty sweet 100 mile ultra marathons. With Arrowhead 135, Superior Sawtooth and FANS 24 Hour Run we now have Zumbro 100, in its third year this April.

Zumbro 100 is held Friday, April 8 at the Zumbro Bottoms State Forest Recreation Area
in Wabasha, MN. Before the race was in existence Larry held crazy fat ass runs down here. He had us running through chest deep water on a 40 F degree day. The first few years he didn't mark any course, we were handed out maps of the area. You know how well I do with maps! The first time I just gave up, lost, waiting for someone to find me. The second year I actually figured out a way out and back and the third and fourth year Larry had orange, yellow and green ribbon corresponding with orange, yellow and green highlighting on maps that he handed out for us, color depicting different trail and mileage. What a treat! I didn't become lost!

In 2009 Zumbro 100 came to be. I haven't yet run the race, only the fat asses prior to the races existence. I normally head to IL for McNaughton 100. This year due to recovery I will be manning an aid station at Zumbro 100 and doing some running before and after my shift. I am sure looking forward to it!

Zumbro is accepting runners. Check out this link for information and why don't you LIKE us on Facebook here.

If you click Zumbro on the sidebar you will see photos/blog posts from past Zumbro fun.

It's payday today. I'm going to enter another race.


Unknown said...

I am doing my second marathon in rochester in May, I have to get up the courage to do more!!

Julie B said...

Mary, you should come on to Zumbro 100 to see what it is all about. We'll welcome you with open arms! Congrats on entering your second marathon. That is awesome!!

Alexis Mazzini said...

Ill be doing this one as my 1st 100 next year and can't wait! Hope you do it next year Julie.