Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Triatha what? Triathlon!

The town in which I live, Big Lake, is hosting a triathlon! Finally! It is a great location as the City has built a pathway around the lake that is perfect for running and biking. Except that it is concrete but who needs to complain, right?

In looking up information for this triathlon I learned that it is a part of a series, the Graniteman Series. This will consist of the Graniteman Clearwater Triathlon and Graniteman Half Marathon, Sauk Rapids, in addition to Graniteman Big Lake. Of course I decided to enter the series, what the hell, right?

You may recall that in 2006 I was going to try the sport of triathlon, before I chose to focus on 100 mile ultramarathons. I learned that I didn’t care for the swim portion of the sport. I trained for a while during the winter and then once the trails cleared it was back to ultrarunning!

Graniteman Clearwater is held July 9, Graniteman Big Lake is August 9. Both of these are ‘sprint’ triathlons-the shortest of tri’s, including a .46 mile swim across the lake, a 15 mile bike and finishing off with a 5K run. Woohoo! No prob, right?

After entering these I became excited about trying something new and entered Lake Marian Triathlon, which offered a sprint and Olympic distance. Well, I figured I might as well go for the Olympic as I’d have two sprints under my belt. Weeee!

The Olympic distance is a bit longer including a 1.5 K swim (.93 mile), 40K bike (24.8 mile) and a 10K run (6.2 miles). The swim will intimidate me here but I’ll get her done.

If I love this I’ll progress forward to a ½ Iron and Ironman; why not, right? I am going to volunteer at Ironman Wisconsin in September so that I can secure an entry in 2012. I’m at bike aid station 2. My friend Brook is an entrant so it will be awesome to see her upon the course.

I’m thankful that I entered the Team Ortho Monster Series early this year as a back up plan to the Ultra Gnarly Bandit Series incase of hysterectomy. My surgeon has firmly suggested that I do not run Bighorn 100 Mile Trail Run. The distance between aid stations and the remoteness of the race location were important reasons for his suggestion in addition of course to the rigor of a 100 mile mountain race.

I could just ignore his suggestion but I know that for me to finish a 100 my mind has to be firmly sound in finishing the distance. One bit of indecision at finishing the distance and my mind will convince my body to stop. As much as I love the distance and state how much I enjoy it, at about mile 70-80 I do entertain thoughts of quitting. A strong mind not allowing any of these thoughts to take place it was gets me to the finish line.

The Minneapolis Marathon is part III of the Monster Series. The Marathon is this Sunday and it looks to be a perfect day! High of 83 with a low of 60, oh yeah, summer is arriving. I have no time goal for the marathon, just a morning run in the sun. It will be a good indication as to where my fitness is right now. I’m going to train to run another Boston qualifier at Twin Cities Marathon this October. I’ve created a 4 month training plan which includes the triathlon training and TCM.

So far I’ve swum up to 24 laps and biked up to 35 miles. Plenty of fun ☺

Summer vacation is approaching just in time, I’ll have many many hours to put in toward training. Oh yeah, summer is here… love it!

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