Tuesday, June 05, 2012

CrossFit MURPH

1 Mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

I didn’t post an outcome for the CrossFit Murph workout last week!  It was just awesome!

You know, I wasn't sure if I could do it..then figured why not at least try, right?  Yay!

I had spent the weekend in Virginia so drove home early Monday so that I could be in St Cloud prior to 1:00. I wasn’t sure how the workout would go down. Would we all complete it at the same time-there were 50 some people taking part. I figured I would learn the details soon enough.

I had never visited another box so was curious as to how CrossFit Fast Factory would look. I drove along, looking for the building and sure enough, there was the long building. It was a warm day so it was very nice that there were big garage doors open, letting in lots of air.

As soon as I checked into the desk area I saw members of my box-CrossFit Beyond Sport- waving me order. I signed a waiver, was given a shirt and dropped off a tray of fruit and chicken wings to offer toward the paleo picnic after our workout.

There were many many pullup bars, all intermingled together, lots of bands for scaling the workout, boxes to help us up to the bars and tons of space for the push ups. It is a pretty large box. 

We watched a quick film on Murph-the soldier whom this workout is named after and then we were ready to get down to business.

Groups of 15 or so began to line up as heats for the 1 mile run. I decided to begin in heat 3. Three minutes after Heat 1 began, then Heat 2 would begin. We were given an outline of the mile we would run-cross streets-etc. I figured I’d just follow the group. 

Heat 3 began and off I went!  I didn’t go real fast, just steady. Needed to save my legs for 300 squats and another mile run at the end!

The end of the mile returned me to the CrossFit Fast Factory. 8:10. I ran to the pull up bars, one with a black band and began my pullups. My plan was to break up the workout in sets of 20 for a while. 20 pull ups, 20 pushups and 20 squats. Squats were easiest for me, they were a break from all of the upper body work. Back and forth I went, pull up, push up, squat, repeat 20 times!  It was quite the workout! I was a sweaty dripping mess and wishing that I had a head band on to keep the sweat out of my eyes!  I was looking forward to the mile run to finish this up. My arms were on FIRE! 

I looked around and everyone was just working incredibly hard!  The determination, the power and the focus. It really was cool to look around and take it all in.

Finally I counted off my last set and was ready to rock the run.  Out I went, feeling the sunshine and stiff breeze. I realized a storm was brewing!  About a half mile in to my run it began to rain, nice and cool, perfect!  My last mile was 9:16. Sweet. 
39:43 was my final time for the Murph.

I sat down on a box and tried to get the sweat to stop pouring off of my face!  I didn’t think about bringing anything to change into-I was soaked.  After cheering in my CrossFit Beyond Sport members I was ready to head home and shower.

Great workout-can’t wait to try it again without the scaling!  I used the medium band this version for pull ups.  I didn’t have to scale the push ups. I'd like to string together strict pull ups so I can try the Games next year-and complete Murph without any scaling.

My lats and shoulders were sore for three days!  Going into Minneapolis Marathon a few days later I could still feel the DOMS.

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Willie said...

for some reason my link to your blog wasn't working but now it does so Yeah! I have been doing Crossfit workouts for about 6 months and pleased with the progress.

I am going to do The Murph again today.

Currently with my heel problem, I have to keep mileage low, so I'm incorporating bike and more circuit workouts in my schedule.

So great to have a friend with a similar training program!

Keep at i!