Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Spring Superior 50K 2022

 You just never know what the future may bring!  After a Covid race for Superior 50K last year we thought this year we'd have a 'normal' Spring Superior 50K. Nope. Torrential rains and record snowfall has wrecked havoc on the northshore. There is flooding, washed out bridges and roads, the Superior Hiking Trail was in pretty poor shape. John had rerouted us to other trails for the race but the day before had to make another reroute. We would now be running a two mile out and two mile back up a gravel road with 600' elevation each route x 8!

When I first heard this on Friday upon my arrival I couldn't quite comprehend it, nor could I wrap my head around it. What? We were going to be running a gravel road for 2 miles over and over? What? Wow.

I was disappointed at first, but then after a few minutes that disappointment turned into gratitude and relief that John was being safe and that he found another way to allow us to run!

It was a beautiful day, overcast and not hot, not terribly humid. Get this: I somehow managed to forget my bladder at home so had to rummage around my car to find a water bottle! I then wore my vest to hold my gels and things, a bottle in my hand. I'd been in trouble had this race been on the trail and I only had a bottle for hydration. I'd have made it but still. I found myself grateful that I'd have aid every 2 miles. Ha!

Out we went, up up up for two miles, and down down down for two miles. X 8. It was hilarious, but still, so much fun!  Almost everyone had smiles on their faces. We were able to see the leaders, the back of the pack, the 25K, the 12K and everyone inbetween. It was pretty incredible. I could stop to use the bathroom, have my drop bag, have aid, every hour. I was able to get a full day of hill repeats in!  I really have to say that I fully enjoyed this run. 

We had a little bit of everything for weather during the race. Sun, clouds, wind, calm, hail and rain. No thunder or lightening.

After I ran my 32 miles I hung around the finish and cheered in the runners. I was becoming quite cold. After Amy finished we went to find the bus to get some heat. A quick bus rid back to Caribou Highlands, a hot shower and delicious meal of roasted potato and veggies I brought along. I read a book on my deck and chilled. 

Sunday I again had a long run planned. This time I went to Tettegouche State park and ran 3 hours around there. A beautiful run to cap off a gorgeous weekend!

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