Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Girl Power

3:00 PM. Turn off my computer. Clean up my desk. Change out of work clothes into running clothes. Gloves for the first time.

Pouring rain. Wind. Cold. 38F. Co-worker "I don't think they'll show up for a run today, do you? It's cold out. They aren't rain runners. They are fair weather runners" I think to myself "well, I think they'd at least let me know if they weren't going to show up today"

3:15. Driving cold rain. Wind. Cold. Here they come! Laura and Kimm. Are we running? Yes! Brrr. There's Heidi! Hills today. We'll run 2.5 miles to the big hill, 10 hill repeats and return to the school. It'll be OK. Heidi "OK, but I brought my gym bag. If I ditch you guys, I'm going to the gym" "OK".

Run run run. Warm up, run run run. Talk about past races. Kimm and Heidi have run 3 of them now, Laura 2. The first one was the Granite City 5K in St Cloud this August. They weren't runners before . They are now! They can run 5 miles without stopping.

Up the hill..little steps, pump your arms, relax your shoulders, turn around and go down, down to the sign. Back on up. 10 times.

Feel it in the butt, in the hamstrings, getting tired.

Half way there! Brrrr..driving cold wind and rain.

We continue .. and laugh .. and finish 10 repeats! Run back to the school. Walk to the parking lot to cool down..stretch.

They did it! 6+ miles, hills, 85 minutes. They wouldn't have completed the workout the rain....but when there is group waiting, a date set, you can bet they will be there!

Girl Power. Cheers to Heidi, Kimm and Laura. They make me proud :)


Steve said...

What? This blog entry wasn't about the Spice Girls? How disappointing. LOL Way to keep them gals motivated, Julie! You are one super-dedicated, highly-motivated, gotta-train ultrarunner!! WOOT!

Anonymous said...

That is a true testament to what kind of woman they are and what kind of athletes you are whipping them into! Way to go ladies and I am super jealous you have an awesome coach!!!

SteveQ said...

So, knowing you, did you do another 70 hill repeats after they were done?