Monday, October 13, 2008

Glacial Trail

I don't know when I have posted a race report a full day after the event. I arrived home last night, worked today, led my beginning running group and watched two football games out in the cold. I'm now baking cream puffs for Carol's birthday celebration tomorrow. I hope I have created enough to bring to the UMTR meeting tomorrow night as I will have no time to pull together anything else.

Hence, the late race report. Well, late in my world.

I haven't been to Glacial Trail before. I had heard that the course was a bit rougher than Ice Age. I would agree. Glacial Trail is a bit rockier, a bit hillier than Ice Age; but not anything like Superior Hiking Trail.

Leaving home at around 230 meant that I wouldn't arrive Greenbush WI until 900 PM or so. I had 101 things to wrap up Saturday morning so I had a later than usual start. The drive was incredibly boring. Gas is still $3.40 a gallon in parts of WI, here I was getting used to paying $2.64 in MN! Actually, I paid $2.56 in Coon Rapids last night. Woohoo!

I was shocked to see that they still smoke in public places in WI. I stopped in at a Subway and it was like walking into a bar in MN in the old days. A blue haze filled the restaurant, there were little gold tin ashtrays on the tables filled with cigarette butts and smoking patrons. It turned my stomach. Blech.

Somehow I became lost in Fondulac. The highway exit I needed to take was closed and the detour detoured me into an industrial park. It was dark, 800 PM and I just wanted to curl in a ball, cry, and have someone save me. That didn't happen. I found a gas station, asked directions, couldn't find my way, asked an another gas station and finally found my way out of Fondulac.

I was very excited to finally reach my roommates at AmericInn in Greenbush. Pierre and Kevin were in bed ready to snooze by the time I finally arrived. Pierre moved to the floor and gave me his bed. What a guy.

Yesterday morning as we walked to the car the first thing we noticed was how WARM it was at the early hour. I knew a hot one was on tap.

We received our sweatshirts, bags of hammer products and magazines in our race packets. The race headquarters was located in a very nice building with running water, banquet rooms, a very nice place to hold a race.

As I started out I couldn't believe how warm it was. I only needed shorts and a sleeveless top. What a switch from one week earlier, at Twin Cities Marathon!

The start of the race went through town a bit, on township roads, until we came to the Ice Age Trail. It was beautiful. Heavily wooded with oaks turning reds and rusts, birch areas all yellow, maple stands full of reds and oranges, just spectacular! There were even pine stands with soft needles to run upon. Most of the race was well covered with trees, there weren't many exposed areas, but when I came out into a field prairie section I could feel the heat. It was hot.

86F was the high Sunday, with 90% humidity. Crazy warm! I loved it though. I could have used another handheld as the aid stations were 7 miles apart, but I didn't realize it was going to be quite so warm. I was trying to conserve my drink but always came up dry. I didn't swell at all, interesting because they served Gatorade instead of Heed and I again didn't take any S or ECaps. Hmmm..

The volunteers were top notch as was the race director. The race was well organized, well marked..oh, I missed a turn. My own fault. I disregarded one of my rules. NEVER FOLLOW THE RUNNER IN FRONT OF YOU, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE COURSE MARKINGS. I failed my third rule. Instead of following the course markings, one mile out of aid station 1, I followed Brett and another girl, and went off trail for 11 minutes. We then realized we were not on the trail and headed back 11 minutes. I was so sad! I was running very well and fast for me, but dang, I screwed up. I kept berating myself about it and then finally told myself to let it go and eventually I did. But then I thought about it again at the end of the race and kept on thinking "hmmm..take 22 minutes off and..." you know. Forget it. It is what it is.

Oh my gosh, my legs were SO tired on the way back! The course is an out and back, which I love, as I can see everyone on the course. I couldn't wait to begin going back. I definitely felt Twin Cities Marathon on my legs, as well as all of the miles I've been putting in.

I began to fall. One, two, three times..then four. I then made a mental note to slow down and take it easy. I wasn't going to be able to make up that 22 minutes SO LET IT GO! I did. Again.

I caught Pierre before the last aid station on the way back. We were dragging ass. Pierre and I both ran TCM last Sunday. I was so hot. There were a ton of bees and wasps and gnats and lady bugs that had all come out for the beautiful day of summer. As I was having my bottle filled the bees were just hovering around it.

What a beautiful day. What a beautiful trail. An awesome race. I'm not sure where I finished, I left before the awards so that I could get back home. It was a l o n g drive.

I failed my 4th rule: THE HOURS DRIVEN MUST BE LESS THAN THE HOURS RUN. Dang! This drive was longer than my hours run.

I've never failed at my rules before. Two rules failed in one race.

I was planning on running Nerstrand next weekend as my hunters will be gone again..but alas, I think I'll run a nice little route with Topaz on the Blue Hill Trail, instead. Home. Sweet. Home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie - sorry WI disappointed you. I'm glad you enjoyed the trail. Although it is not as beautiful and difficult as Superior, it still seems to win every time i.e. I always sprain something or take a digger. Anyway, I'm happy you gave such an event a chance and made it home safe. Good luck at your next event.


Julie B said...

Hi Christine, it was a fabulous trail and an incredible race. I enjoyed myself very much! There is much to like in WI, too. We need all those milk products!!

Carl Gammon said...

Julie - Nice job, especially on tired legs in the heat. We'll miss you at Nerstrand this weekend.

SteveQ said...

I used to go by the hours driven/hours run rule too. I also have a dollars per mile rule for races - but the ratio keeps changing. You didn't look like you'd fallen when you hit my aid station; I remember thinking "She hasn't even scratched her nail polish." It's amazing no one got stung at our station.

Helen said...

Well done Julie! Bummer to get off trail for so long - it is hard to get it out of your mind for the rest of the race!

I will miss Big Woods also - I love that race but like you I think enough racing for a while...


Anonymous said...

Julie! The Cream Puffs were delicious! Thank you for making them for me!

EatRantRun said...

I think the race sounds beautiful, and you did great! You had some challenges, you dealt with them and moved on. Consider it a learning race :)

Rules are best thought of as guidelines and in this race you tested your guidelines. Turns out, don't follow other racers is a great guideline! Good to know you won't ahve to test that one again.