Thursday, October 02, 2008

Twin Cities Marathon

Running the Twin Cities Marathon is always a blast. I think it is even more fun for me now, since I have been running ultra marathons on the trail, than it was in my pre ultra marathon life. The stress of wondering if I can finish it is gone. I know that I won't die. Two positives.

For most of my runs I am without human companionship, and I enjoy it that way. Thankfully I have an ultra dog in Topaz, who is always willing and wanting to run mega miles with me. The trail races are a fun time to see other people; but still, I am usually running alone as the 100s usually have a pretty small entry and we are usually stretched out far apart along the trail. It is always a treat to run along with someone else for a while.

At Twin Cities Marathon there are people all over the place. The first few miles are actually packed in quite tightly with people tripping over one another. Eventually we thin out a bit, but there are always people near. The spectators are thick. Last year was a beautiful warm day and the spectators were thicker than I've ever seen. Many of the runners weren't happy with the heat, I thought it was delightful.

The media is all over TCM. The local news media personnel are running, the forecasters are busy talking about what Sunday will be like, it is crazy. It's crazy how much media the marathon gets. The forecasters are saying cloudy with rain in the afternoon.

I'll be meeting two of my online training clients for the first time. I have been training a husband/wife team for the past three months. TCM will be their first marathon! I'm so excited to meet them in person. They will be flying in from KS tomorrow.

I'll be volunteering for a few hours at the expo. I believe I'll be at packet pickup. Stop in and say hello.

I have no time goal for the marathon on Sunday; just a fun run through the City. I would guess 4-430 will be my finishing time. I'm sure looking forward to it :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie -

I also run with our dog, a black lab named Nessie. She absolutely loves it and seems to always want more. I have gone up to 20 miles with her when the weather is cool. How far do you go with your dog? I'm curious how is getting to be too far...

Good luck at TCM, I will be there too.