Saturday, October 10, 2009

Frosty Fun Run

This morning when I looked at the digital thermometer I saw the coldest temperature of the season thus far. 17F. Brrr. I dug through my winter clothes finding a pair of light tights, long sleeved top, gloves and turtle fur. I pulled out my winter running jacket and heavy smart wool socks. No gortex or booties yet!

As I pulled out of the garage I was suprised to see an inch of fluff on the ground. Looked like Topaz and would be making tracks upon the trail for the first time.

The sun began to rise within the hour; I was able to see all of the frost covered spiderwebs and all of the animal tracks upon the snow. Deer, wolf, fox and rabbit. The sun rise gave the snow a purple pink cast. Beautiful.

Topaz and I froliked upon the soft covered trail for 10 miles, never seeing a soul, enjoying the splendid silence of the beautiful woods.

I've enjoyed running reduced mileage this week. I've felt a cold coming on all week long and it has taken a bit of energy away from me. Each weekday morning this week Topaz and I ran 3 miles and then another 5 after work. I lifted legs and biceps each once, 1 hour of stair stepping. With 10 this morning and 10 tomorrow I'll have a total of 60 this week. Next week I'll increase mileage again, the long run will be at the Duluth Wild Races 50K/100K. I'm running the 50K. I figure that will be a good last long run before Javelina 100 two weeks later.

I wonder how much snow the guys are out hunting in today, up north? Probably more than fell here.

Tomorrow I'll cap off the weekend with a meal at my new favorite eatery, Ecopolitan.

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SteveQ said...

Love Ecopolitan. Hate having to wait for the snow to melt to rake leaves in October! I'm waiting until afternoon for the weather to match my clothes before I run (maybe I need a dog to insist I head out early).