Monday, October 05, 2009

Twin Cities Marathon 2009

On Saturday evening I wasn't so sure that I was going to be lining up at the start for this year's version of the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon.

Saturday morning, as planned, I headed to Powder Ridge to run the ski hills. All went well physically but mentally I felt a bit crabby. I'm not sure why. It may have had to do with the fact that at the end of the day on Saturday I would already have 81 miles in for the week. I suppose I was tired.

Later in the morning a working dog club came out to Powder Ridge, hiking the trails around the perimeter of the course. I saw Border Collies (Yay), Australian Shepherds Bernese Mountain Dogs and Great Pyrenes Mountain Dog, the dog that was a close second when purchasing Topaz. I visited with the dogs and their owners for quite some time. The dogs were much more interesting than the owners..

I packed up my things at PR and headed for home. With nobody home I decided to take Topaz out for a quick 5 miles. He smelled the pups on me and made me feel even more guilty for not yet taking him running. Off we went, in the rain, to the trail.

Running along I noticed many downed trees over the trail. We've had a few really windy days and the DNR hasn't yet cleaned up all of the debris. Topaz was catupulting himself over the trees and I eventually did the same. I leaped over and then landed in a hole. I twisted my ankle, landing on the outer side of my foot. You know that feeling..that sharp stab of pain from the ankle that goes directly to the head and all you can see is blackness..yeah, that one. I must have let out a shriek because before I knew it my eyes were open and Topaz was barreling toward me as fast as he could. I was standing, on one foot, when his paws were up on my thighs and I was down upon my back..with Topaz on top of me licking my face for all he was worth. I just laid there and laughed! It was hilarious. I peeled Topaz from me, picked myself up and walked off the pain for about 25 feet. The pain went away and I finished running, never thinking about it again during the day.

My foot never hurt again until about 5 PM. All of a sudden my foot became hot, swollen and painful. Painful just sitting there, with no weight upon it. I couldn't believe it and it took me a while to realize it hurt from the earlier fall upon the trail. I tried to stand up and could not put any weight on the foot at all. I had to drive home, stopping to fill up with gas. Oh my gosh, I could not put any weight on it at all while pumping gas. It hurt just to drive. Crazy.

I arrived home and had to drag the foot behind me into the house. I searched on my iPhone and much to my horror thought it may be a stress fracture of the fifth metatursal. Holy crap. The more I read about it the more I thought this could be the case.

Now, I have a very high tolerance for pain and I don't jump to injury conclusions. Actually I would probably deny it before admitting to an injury but this had me worried. I read that I should RICE, so did so, and hobbled off to bed, setting my alarm for the race but really thinking that I would not be running since I could not put an ounce of weight upon my foot.

The alarm went off in the morning and I moved my ankle around while still under the covers. pain. I rubbed the fifth metatursal upon the pain. I rolled out of bed and gingerly placed my foot upon the floor, placing weight on it. NO PAIN. WHF? How can that be? I walked into my pain. Wow. I'm going to run Twin Cities Marathon after all. I was talking aloud to myself "well, it doesn't hurt, so I should try it. If it hurts during the race, I'll's only a training run pressure. Yeah but you read that stress fracture pain comes and goes. Maybe it is in go mode now but will be back. Yeah but what do I do..sit here and not run the marathon because the pain might come back. No. I'll run and see what happens.

So I did. Nothing happened!

I ran the full 26.2 miles and felt absolutely no pain in my foot whatsoever. I thought I'd feel pain in the evening, as I did on Saturday but pain at all. How odd is that?

As planned I ran the marathon as a long supported training run. With a strenuous week of high mileage and a hill day prior I just wanted to get in the mileage. It was great being able to run without a pack or hand held.

I forgot to send in my Boston Qualifier time result so that I could start in Wave 1. Small details. I lined up in Wave 2. Man, the crowds. I forget each year how crowed the marathons are. After running trail all year long it is certainly an eye opener!

It was a cool morning, about 45F with a high of 50F forecast. A skirt and long sleeved shirt was fine. My hands were cold the whole race, however. They never did warm up. Maybe because I was holding a few gels.

The course is so beautiful. Lot of hills, lakes, river, parkways and many many spectators. I am just amazed at all of the spectators that come out each year!

At mile 2 I found I was running with the 345 pace team, I knew I wasn't rested enough to run a 345 so after a while I slowed down. It was difficult, mentally, as I though about last year hanging with them and running a PR and BQ. I stayed with my plan.

The parkway around Isles, Calhoun and near Harriet were so crowded with runners and spectators that it was difficult to get through. The views were wonderful, I took it all in and just enjoyed myself. I was so thankful to be running the race after really thinking that I wouldn't be able to with my mysterious foot pain.

At around mile 13 I looked at the clock and saw I was at 201. That was just right, it was a pace I knew I could keep up for the remainder of the race; a nice long, supported run.

At mile 20 the 415 pace crew came upon me. I ran just in back of them the remainder of the race, finishing in 414. What a great day, I am so thankful that I was able to run it pain free! Thankfully the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness from the hill workout didn't hit me until this morning or I would have really struggled during the race. Today I have black compression socks on under my dress and high boots. They feel SO much better!

I was able to see John T two times upon the course, the first time he was eating his breakfast! What were you eating, there, John? I saw Bonnie and Maynard on the Franklin Avenue Bridge and Debbie at the finish line.

I've posted race reports for TCM here 5 different times, I really don't have too much to add! This year the Twins were playing at 110 so it was a mad dash from the finish to the bus so that I could it back to the Dome. I quickly changed out of my wet shirt into my finishers shirt on the bus and was at the Dome by 1220. Plenty of time!

Twins win! Amazing. Another game on Tuesday..let there be more!

Congratulations to all that ran the Twin Cities Marathon yesterday, way to go! My spell check isn't working again. I apologize.


SteveQ said...

So you WERE hiding in the pack at the marathon. Stress fractures rarely happen suddenly like your injury and the 5th metatarsal's usually not the culprit (usually it's the 4th), unless you snap off the little process on the outside surface. They also get worse with every step.

I've had what might be the same injury - something structural shifts and hurts until it snaps back in place and then it doesn't hurt any more. The problem is: it tends to happen again.

The Twins' 163rd game is during our UMTR meeting!

Don said...

Good job, nice pace. And how about those Twins now?

SuzanneH said...

Julie, I was watching for you! I live on Summit and had so much fun cheering everyone on. I kept thinking I was seeing you and running out into the street to run with Julie, only to find out it wasn't you. Glad your foot is okay!