Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oh yes, another fabulous concert last night. I love Metallica. True 'old school' heavy metal. Correctly named thrash metal. I suppose of the metals there is thrash, death and black. Metallica is Thrash.

Last winter they announced they would be hitting the Target Center in Minneapolis as part of their World Magnetic Tour. I asked Tyler if he'd go with me and he said yes without hesitation. He wanted to see Metallica too. He's choice of music has been influenced by his mother..

At the time Metallica hadn't announced who would be opening with them. We sure were excited when we heard later that it would be Lamb of God. We've seen LOG three different times now, twice as openers and once as a headliner. Playing with Metallica will make them much more out in the public ear. LOG is more of a death metal band. Love it.

I ordered tickets right away, they ended selling out the first day tickets went on sale. I was able to get tickets on the floor. Holy shit.

The first time that I saw Metallica was with Steve in 1988! Wow, I was a different person then. 24 years old, no children, heavy drinker, drugs..yuck. I guess about the only things I haven't changed in the past years is my choice of music and my husband! In 1988 Metallica was a part of the Monster or Rock Tour. They played all day long with Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken and Kingdom Come. I don't recall a whole lot as I was chemically altered, but I do remember the great loud music and the hot sunny July day. I couldn't have imagined at the time that I would be back in 21 years to listen to Metallic 1) sober and 2) with my 17 year old son! Incredible.

The second time I saw Metallica wasn't so hot. They played in the Dome .. 2003 I believe and the sound was horrible. The Metrodome makes the music sound 'tinny' somehow. It was a big let down. St. Anger was a horrible album (in my opinion).

Last night was amazing. The first band (I don't even recall their name) was on for about 30 minutes, then Lamb of God took over. Most of the 20000 rockers were there for Metallica and didn't get into LOG at all. The few on the floor with us that were into LOG enjoyed them immensely. They put on a great show. We were so close to the stage, right on the bar, first row. Incredible.

LOG is a death metal band. By far most popular type of 'extreme metals' in the US. Death metal is characterized by fast tempos, distorted guitars, guttural vocals, morbid lyrics, and complex song structures with musical nuisances hidden under the noise.

I was able to take iPhone photos. I never take concert photos! I'm always too far away, even a few rows is too far away.

When Metallica came onto stage it was mayhem. The crowd was frantic, ready to thrash. As they stepped onto stage padomonion broke. I was pushed and shoved farther forward until I was leaning over the bar separating me from the stage. I couldn't believe it. Tyler is strong, 6'3", lean, 185 pounds. I asked if I could hold onto his waist so as not to be thrown over. He said it was fine. I held on for dear life.

The stage was in a massive round shape, it had coffin shaped 'things' above holding all of the lighting. Huge flames shot out of the stage, I thought I was going to be scorched. Hot indeed.

That Was Just Your Life, The End of the Line, Ride the Lightning and Holier than Thou, from their new album, Death Magnetic opened the show. This album is so much better than the last. It's what we expect from Metallica. In your face heavy metal thrashing goodness. They played on and on and on. You know how long their songs are..the concert was amazingly long. Cyanide and All Nightmare Long had us in a frothing frenzy. Hot, sweaty, thrashing the way we know how. I tried not to think of all of the H1N1 floating through the crowd. Santitarium and everyone knew the words, the crowd sang along word for word for the rest of the concert. When Nothing Else Matters and Sad But True were played the crowd became still and actually crooned along with the James. It was amazing. Oh man, then Master of Puppets. Pure craziness, and to be right up there, front and center, I couldn't get enough. The Encore? Die Die Die my Darling, Motorbreath and then Kirk yelled out that we only had to sing out three words, then I knew the song: Seek and Destroy! We followed his directions and sang out the lyrics, just as we had been all night long.

After the concert they asked for the house lights. It was bright as day. We squinted up at stage, they pointed us out, handed Tyler a handful of guitar picks and a drumstick. WTF? It was close, intimate all of a sudden. They chatted with us, let a ton of huge Metallica black balloons fall upon us. They continued chatting, telling us the show was finished, thanking us for coming out to support us. It was crazy. They asked for a show of hands from those who this was there first Metallica concert. They kind of laughed, and thanked them profusely for showing. I looked at the guy next to me and said 'geeze, this is my third, I guess I'm part of the older crowd'. He didn't think so, apparently. We all chatted amongst ourselves after being thrashed for over 5 was crazy. I've never had a concert experience such as this. Totally amazing.

Tyler and I both enjoyed it, fully. I wasn't too exhausted when my alarm woke me for the AM run three hours after I retired. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight-if my ears quit ringing!


Bill S said...

You're a headbanger?! And you won the heavy metal lottery? Awesome. I just downloaded a ton of "old school" Metallica for Wild Duluth (No Remorse, Four Horsemen, Jump in the Fire, Escape, Creeping Death and many more). I saw them twice and was just telling my son and his friend last night (as we watched the 'Nightmare' video, how awesome their shows are. You had a once in a lifetime opportunity though. If I could only get seats like that to AC/DC....

Anonymous said...

Great post! I, too, was at the 'Tallica show. It was my 6th time seeing them, and it never gets old. I was in the 2nd row on the floor, just rocking out! I also got to take home one of the BIG beach balls!