Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Coaching Updates

When I began to schedule my snowshoe classes for this winter I remember wondering if there would be any snow in February as the early winter months were pretty lean on snow.

The snow base is perfect right now. We just received another 8” of beautiful fluffy snow yesterday so the trails will be perfect.

Fortunately snowshoe classes begin this Sunday at Lake Maria State Park and will run from 1-3 PM for four weeks. I have 8 signed up and can take two more. If you are interested let me know.

I will again be coaching with MDRA this spring but instead of coaching in Edina I will be coaching in Maple Grove. I will really miss my Edina group but the commute from Big Lake to Edina became unbearable! The commute was taking me at the least 90 minutes, sometimes longer. Blech. I feel very fortunate that I am able to coach in Maple Grove, a mere 30 miles away from home.

Last week I met with the Maple Grove coaches and Heidi Miler (yeah, MILER) of MDRA to hammer out the schedule of events. I’m so excited! It will be lots of fun and is such a great opportunity to give back to the sport. Beginning runners are such a fun group to coach. If you are interested in joining our group or the Edina group see the MDRA website for further information at runmdra.org

Oh, and Heidi is a professional in the sport of triathlon and ran the Frigid 5 in about half of my time. Sweet! I didn’t try to catch her..or Kelly Keeler for that matter. But hey, coming in after these two girls as fourth age group is pretty good company to keep.

As long as I am on the subject of coaching I must congratulate my online clients who were running Rocky Raccoon last week: Mike ran a PR at the 100 mile distance! He shaved HOURS off of his prior RR time. Woohoo and Melissa and John, both of which finished their FIRST 50’s in perfect form. Way to go! You know how excited I am for each of you. Rest up, recover and then we are off to tackle the next one!


Anonymous said...

what is the MDRA I live in Maple grove and need to get in shape to Climb Kilamjario Africa 19, 400 feet in jan 2011

The say I need to run at least and hour to be in condition. I'm not a runner
This is my husbands idea of a vacation


Anonymous said...

forget it, I just googles MDRA and it is distance running, really not what I'm looking for. I'm just looking to build up some stamina. And be able to work through the altitude.
thanks anyway
we enjoy reading your blog
I need something like from couch to 5K