Sunday, February 14, 2010

Furry Valentines


Runner Tammy said...

How cute!!!

Is your kitty by any chance a Ragdoll?

It looks almost like our oldest cat, a blue mitted Ragdoll named: Zaboomafoo.


(the runner from JJ100 who took lots of pictures along the course)

Julie B said...

Hi Tammy,

Yes, Toffee is a Ragdoll, he's 11, blue mitted as well! He is just the best. Our Truffles was a Tortie Point. I'd like another!

Anonymous said...


Got my Kitchenaid today! Now I want to bake cookies lol. But your comment on my blog sent me back to my '08 posts and omg, I don't even feel like that girl anymore. Injuries suck.