Sunday, February 07, 2010

Frigid 5K

This morning I had the Frigid 5K on my schedule as part of the MDRA Grand Prix Series. The race didn't begin until 10 AM at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, only an hour drive away so I had a ton of time before the race to run with Topaz.

A beautiful morning! Snow snow snow and a nice mild temperature of 19F. Topaz and I began at 5 AM. I didn't go out to the snowshoe trail as I knew that would wipe me out and figured I should at least try to race the 5K in a few hours. Instead we ran the gravel roads through the refuge. I didn't realize it was snowing until I was outside and felt it fall upon my face. The sky was pretty cloudy so there was no moon shine.

A mix of jogging and running, I ran 14 miles and circled back for home. The boys were still sleeping so I was off the hook for breakfast, I decided I'd cook a nice brunch after I returned home from St. Paul.

A quick shower - otherwise I freeze to death - dry running clothes and off to the races!

Originally Valentine 5K was scheduled as the February race for the Grand Prix, but they don't time the race, so instead they decided on The Frigid 5. It was cool being on the State Fairgrounds in the winter without a million people milling around. Parking was a breeze and we were able to use the Collesium for changing/warming up.

The route was pretty flat-inside the fairgrounds-past the Cheesecurds, French Fries and Sweet Martha's Cookies! It seemed as though Troy and I were just here but it was 7 months ago. I was suprised how WINDY it was as I felt no wind in Orrock when I was running just a few hours prior.

I finished the race in 25:15. My goal was under 30; goal achieved. Made me wonder how much faster I could have gone if I hadn't run a few hours before? Probably not faster at all. Running faster causes me to gasp and get a side ache-heaven forbid I should try to run faster!

When I returned home the boys and their friends were awake and I prepared them a brunch of Belgian waffles, sausage and cinnamon rolls. They enjoyed it immensely.

Now we are off for a day at the ski hill.

Next race: Human Race 8K

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SteveQ said...

Wait until you see the Grand Prix results and you might find yourself thinking, "I should've run just a bit faster."

Maybe not. We approach races differently (to say the least)!