Sunday, June 26, 2005

Big Lake 8K

The Big Lake 8K is the first race that I had ever ever run. I ran it 8 years ago; I had been running for 2 months and decided this race would be the first.

I was scared to death! There were all of these 'real' runners, I was an imposter.

I conned my girlfriend, Sandy, to run the race with me. She had been running a bit on a treadmill, was about as experience as I, and said she would run it. I don't think she has run a race since.

I on the other hand, fell in love with the race at that time. I've gone to run every year since. It's in my town, my running club puts the race on, it's just a lot of fun.

When I first ran the race I didn't know anybody. That is the biggest change. I now know many many people (runners) at the race.

I've been putting in pretty big mileage so wasn't sure how it would go. I moved into Ann's age group this year (40-49) and would have LOVED to beat her..but really didn't think I had a shot. Ann's one of my very best friends. She's a fast friend! Then I decided I'd break my fastest 8K time: 41:36. That would be good enough for today.

I did it! I ran the race in 40:29; good enough for 4th in my age group. Ann finished in 38:45! Go Ann! She took 3rd in our age group.

It was a blast. A total blast.

Now I'm going shopping..something new for the Afton 50K i have next week:)

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