Sunday, June 05, 2005

FANS 12 Hour Run..Yup, 12!

Well, I didn't run for 24 hours. I ran for 12. EEK!

I don't know, well, yes I do. I just didn't want it badly enough. You can't just ask for determination and motivation. It has to be there at that moment that it is called upon. I didn't have it and didn't want 100 miles badly enough.

As I stated earlier, this race, FANS 12/24 hour run, is directed on a 2.24 mile asphalt path around Lake Nakomis in Minneapolis. You go around and around and around, each time passing the start/finish line the racer deposits a bar code into the basket. The mileage/lap count is computed immediately for your totals.

I began excited and thought that I wanted 100 miles badly enough. But things changed. By the time I had run 4 hours I knew that I did not want to be out there for 24 hours. I also knew that I shouldn't have been having those thoughts 4 hours and 20 miles into the race! I still had a long way to go.

I had, what I think, are electrolyte problems. I was taking an ecap (salt/potassium) ever hour as it was humid, about 70-75 degrees, thunderstorms, etc., I was drinking 20 oz of water/electrolyte drink every hour but I was peeing every lap. Sometimes 2x a lap. I wasn't sweating. I wasn't having fun. Something was just off.

A friend of mine, Kevin, from my Big Lake Run Club came and ran 15 miles with me early, that was fun. After he left I grabbed my iPod and began running alone. Around and around and around I went, thinking about how boring this was.

I was eating but not enough. I had no appetite but knew that I needed to eat. I was trying to eat PB&J, bananas, oranges, etc. but nothing tasted good. A few bites and I'd toss the food into the garbage. Not good when I needed so much nourishment to get 100 miles. Not eating enough led to me not having much fun. I needed to eat carbs o plenty and I just wasn't. Low blood sugar=crabbiness. I was crabby.

Well, 6 hours into the race, I knew I was bailing at 12 hours. I figured 50 miles was enough and I just didn't want 100 miles badly enough. How bad did I want it? Hardly at all. I didn't want to put in what it took to get the result I thought I had wanted.

You know, that last two trail races I ran were just a blast. This asphalt torture was not. I could feel every step crunch my pelvis to my toes. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Asphalt is tough to run on. A marathon, OK, I can do that for 4 hours, but more than that it really becomes painful.

At 8 hours the medics weighed me and I was up 8 pounds. Yup, run 37 miles and gain 8 pounds of water/bloat. No one of the 115 runners was up more than 3 pounds. Except me. They told me to take more salt, eat chips and pretzels (made my stomach turn) and pee again, then weigh in. I was still up 8 pounds. I think they were relieved when I told them I was bailing at 50 miles so they didn't have to worry about me any more!

I found out that I really enjoy trail running! This road stuff isn't nearly as interesting to me. I will, of course, run Grandmas Marathon in two weeks, on asphalt..but 26.2 miles is a long way from 50.

I feel great today. No aches, pains or blisters. Even with the never worn before yesterday blisters! I took Topaz out for a 6 mile run/walk on the nice wooded soft trail and said YIPPEE!

Results should be posted soon at

I'm up 11 pounds today. Wowzie. I'm peeing it all out, quickly!

Jen, Maggie and Nico: thanks for all the well wishes and support. I appreciate your comments!!


Jen said...

Julie, You are still the guru in my book. I ran 2.5 hours today and I am tired. You will run well and Grandmas. How can people lose weight running? I noticed on the site that if you lose too much they make you stop. I have never lost, not even when it is hot and I am sweating a lot. I always gain. I haven't gained eight pounds before but I have never run for 12 HOURS either. I hope you had a fun time after the run. Enjoy your success and I think a trail would be a lot more fun. Jenna

Julie B said...

Hi Jen, thanks for still thinking me worthy:)

They stop if you are 5% above or below your weight. I don't think they used to stop at above, before hyponytremia (?) began to show up at the races. That is when you drink too much, don't take enough electrolyte and it can lead to coma, renal failure and a bunch of other bad things. I had that happen to me during my first 50K. I didn't eat and didn't realize the importance of E-caps. I've since learned. I don't know what yesterday's deal was. I'm so anxious to see who ran how many miles, I wish Bob would get the results up soon!

Miss Tenacity said...

Sounds like not nearly enough electrolytes. E-caps actually do not contain a lot per capsule, so just one per hour is probably the culprit.

Read this post on another ultra blog about electrolytes - it compares the amounts of sodium between E-Caps and another competitor, Succeed! - and the former has less than 1/3 the sodium per cap as the latter.

I've taken 1 Succeed! cap every 60-90 minutes and done great, so in E-Caps that would be 3 per hour (I'm also about 130lbs like you).

Good luck, and keep up with the trailrunning - it is my favorite thing in the world to do outside. :-)