Thursday, June 16, 2005

Grandmas Marathon

Grandmas Marathon is so much fun. It holds special memories for me, as it was my first marathon 7 years ago. I had been running for roughly 6 months when I did my longest run of 7 miles. Right then and there, as I ran into the driveway I had the great idea of running a marathon. I grew up only 60 miles north of Duluth, so I knew that Grandmas Marathon was a pretty big deal. Wow, is it ever!

I've run Grandmas Marathon every year since the first one. Saturday will mark my seventh.

I thought I'd be pretty beat up from running 24 hours at FANS 2 weeks ago, but, ahem, I only ran 50 miles so I'm pretty well recovered and think I can run the race pretty hard.

The Cliff Pace Team will be running-they have a 4 hour pace group I may run with. I've never run a 4 hour marathon. My best was last year at Twin Cities Marathon when I ran 4:06 or something.

I'd be super thrilled to run a 4-415, satisfied with a 415-430 considering I haven't done a ton of speed work. But for TCM, I'm definately training for a sub 4. Yup. I'ts time.

My Dad ran Grandmas with me in 2000. That was awesome! Sharing the race with him is something I'll always cherish. Mom, Dad, my sister and her family, my family, they all come along and cheer for me. Our hotel is at set at mile 23 on the race course so I give out hugs there and then they find me 3.5 miles down the road at the finish line. It's loads of fun!


Jen said...

Julie, I don't like to put pressure on people because I know you do it to yourself enough, but.... I would not be a bit surprised if you run sub 4 hours. You are so strong and your mileage was so high for the ultras that it seems like it should happen. If it doesn't, then you know you need to rest a bit more between a 50 miler and a marathon. Good luck and I can't wait to hear your results. I think you you will surprise yourself. Jenna

Jen said...

So I cheated and looked up your time. If 4-4:15 was going to thrill you, then 3:59 probably rocked your world. Awesome job and it is time to revise your goal for TCM because you have already run a sub-4 hour. Jenna