Thursday, June 02, 2005


All that I am thinking about is my FANS race this Saturday. It is completely consuming me.

The race is set up on an asphalt path around Lake Nakomis, near downtown Minneapolis. It is 2.24 or so miles around the lake one time. It sounds dreadful, going around and around like a hamster in a cage, but it isn't. There are 100 plus runners and walkers that are either going to run the 24 or the 12 hour. Near the start/finish line is a 'tent community' where the runners and crew set up home for the 24 hour stint. Our coolers, tent, foot supplies, changes of clothing, etc. is all located in the tent community. It's really quite fun. I'll post pictures after the ordeal is finished.

This race is really tough. I'm not sure why it is so tough. Well, duh, running for 24 hours is tough in itself, of course. I'm not trying to trivalize that fact. Running on asphalt is difficult. It does a number on my joints, tendons and whole foot. I blister, I'm sore to the bone, really, my bones ache after this race. It has to be the asphalt. It hurt more last year, after 21 hours of running, than it did at McNaughton where I ran for 29 hours. Hmph.

Of course, maybe I'm tougher now. Maybe my body is stronger, my mind stronger to get this done.

Last year I quit at 21 hours 19 minutes. It became apparant that I wasn't going to make 100 miles, I was at 83.99 miles and figured why bother. My feet were hamburger, my bones ached and I had enough. My last loop took 55 minutes! I could barely hobble to the finish. I sat on the side of the path at the start/finish and watched those more tough than me do their thing. People were reaching their 100 mile mark as I sat there in pain. I swore I'd never do FANS again..not the 24 hour option..and held to that feeling until McNaughton 100 mile race. When I was able to finish that I figured I'd give FANS another here I am..two days to the race and figuring out a plan.

I will not stop until the 24 hours is expired. Unless I need to quit due to injury of course. So with three additional hours I can get some more mileage. Last year I slowed dreadfully after the 100K mark. This year I have a few friends that are going to come and run with me. Ann is working an aid station from 1 AM to 8 AM; I told her that was crazier than running the darn thing! She'll run with me before her shift-probably from 10 to midnight; as I'm slowing down. Kevin, from my run club, is going to run from 9AM to noon with me. That'll be fun. Bonnie will run some with me during the night too. Guess I have all my ducks in a row. Hey; I have 15 pounds less fat attached to my body too!!

I'm down to 134.5 but I suppose with the carbs from the race I'll pop back up. I'll get right back on track Sunday and then don't have a long race for a while. Well, this will be it for 50+ miles for the summer. I'll have 50K's, 50 miles and that 100K in the fall.

I lifted upper body 2x this week, am giving my legs a rest. Today I didn't wake up to run cardio and didn't know what to do with myself. I slept in a bit, but not much. I actually missed it. I'll do P90X Yoga and abs today instead. I still have to install my pull up bar so I can begin the program. Once I get finished up with work here I'll take care of that. I only have 9 days left to work..then I'm off for 8 lovely weeks. Yahoo.

Oh, while lifting at the gym yesterday a burly man said "boy, wish I had those arms"..I liked that! In celebration, I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt today. Weight training rocks.

M1: 1 egg, 6 whites, splenda, ns syrup, 1 banana
M2: McDonalds Ceaser Salad, nf balsamic dressing
M3: Tuna pouch, apple
M4: Salmon, cabbage
M5: Myoplex


Jen said...

Julie, You are so accomplished that I hope you don't spend another minute of your life doubting your strength. Anyone would be miserable after 21 hours on asphault. I know you will do great and finish the 24 hours. Take care of you, Jenna

causticmuse said...

Good luck at the race! Your endurance completely amazes me. :-o

Oh, just a side note on the pull-up bar--you don't actually have to put any hardware into the wall/door frame. I simply assembled mine, popped it over the door without the L-braces, and it is perfectly stable.

Jen said...

Julie, I hope your race is going well. You do so many exciting runs that everytime I go to their websites I want to be there. It looks great although the weather looks a bit bad? I am eager to hear you story. Jenna