Saturday, July 02, 2005

PR at Afton

The Afton Trail 25K/50K was a blast. I had so much fun and knew that I would! All of my friends were there. Many were volunteering; some were running.

The day was picture perfect. 85F, sunny with a nice breeze. There were NO bugs! Just perfect. I'm so tired of running in the rain.

I woke up at 330 AM so I could be at the race at 6, with a 630 start for the 50K. There is an 8 hour time limit.

I pulled into the Afton State Park right at 6:00. Our crazy government couldn't settle a budget so they closed the state parks and rest stops. Hello! Luckily, Scott's race was still able to take place.

OK, so I set a low goal. I decided since I ran 7:13 last year that 7:12 was good for this year. What kind of goal is that? Not a very far reaching one. Sheesh.

My friend Ann was working the aid station #1. It was great seeing her there, although I told her I wished she were running instead!

I finished 25K in three hours and realized I set low goals again. Damn me. I felt awesome, strong, ready to run another 3 hour loop.

When I arrived aid station #1 Ann told me she was going to run a bit with me. She stuck with me for 5-6 miles and then had to get back to manning the station.

I came in at 6:20. I felt awesome.

Get this. I took off my shirt during the race and ran in my race bra. I've never had the guts to do that before. Many people commented on the weight I have lost, they were all full of compliments.

After the race I hung around for 3 hours visiting with friends and just having a blast. I was talking with Don, a very seasoned ultra runner and good friend. He told me I'm not a 'goofy girl runner' any more and need to set some serious goals. OK, goal set:

11 hours at Voyaguer 50 mile the end of this month. Yup, 11 hours. History: 2002 14 hours, 2003 dropped at 50K and 2004 11:50.

Goal set.

I'm going to Lake Vermilion for the holiday. Talk next week!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Julie

I see you finally updated your commenting permissions. I was getting ready to break down and create a blogger id just to post.

You just rock!!! I am so inspired by your dedication & perserverance. Also, congrats with your continued success on Leanness Lifestyle. Your whole shape has changed. YOu look fabulous.

Julie B said...

Thank you, Cathy.

I'm glad you were able to post a comment. I should spend a few more minutes to learn how to make this blog a bit more user friendly and more appealing for the reader.

I haven't made that a goal of mine!

This LL is working well for me, it will be interesting to see how the maintenance will work out. There are a number of women at the site who are now at maintenance, I will learn much from them.

Thanks for the comment on my shape. I sure appreciate it!

shannon said...

Congrats on the 50K! I ran the 25K and couldn't imagine mustering the energy for a second loop. You 50K-ers are amazing.