Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Yes, triathlon.

This past week or two I've realized that I really enjoy riding my bike! I bought a Fuji road racing bike a few years ago and only rode here and there. Running came into my life and I really didn't get into the bike very much.

Well, I've gone out on 4 15-20 mile bike rides during the past week and am loving it. I went to Eriks' Bike Shop and got a lesson on using my bike. I couldn't figure out why I was having trouble shifting (I was doing it incorrectly!) and couldn't figure out why I was losing air in my tires (again, filling incorrectly!). I bought a helmet and have been riding since.

I entered a triathlon for August 28. The link is www.pickleevents.com/events/lctri it is a .5 mile swim, 17 mile bike and 4 mile run. The swim is the biggest mystery for me. I know I can bike the distance and run the distance. I've completed a few brick workouts where I bike 10 miles, get off and immediately go for a 4-8 mile run without a problem.

I've been going to the local beach for my swim. I don't do the crawl stroke very well. I need a teacher. In HS I was on the swim team and did the breast stroke. No crawl. I went to the gym this morning and lifted legs. Asked the front desk person about a swim coach or masters swim class, she didn't have a clue. Man, we only live 40 miles from Mpls., St. Paul and you'd think we were on another planet. I can't belive there isn't a Northwest or Life Time Fitness around here. Our gyms simply suck.

I've been reading a few triathlon titles: The Triathlon Bible, Triathlon Training for Women and Going Long: Ironman Training. If I'm going to do a tri I'll eventually do an Ironman of course.

I don't know the practice of MODERATION.


Anonymous said...

You are my inspiration.
Good luck on your latest challenge. I know you are going to be great.
I have been reading Wil's blog, you might like her, she has some great stuff.



Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Minnesotan! I'm in Minneapolis...

I'm not doing the Lakes Country Tri (doing the St Croix tri the following weekend). Looks like a beautiful location, though. Good luck!

Since there are no swim coaches around your parts, you might want to check out some videos from Total Immersion, http://www.totalimmersion.net. Good technique is the key to working less hard in the water -- and saving your energy for the bike and run :)

Wow, an ultra runner, huh? Impressive! You're well on your way to an Ironman!

Julie B said...

Thanks Jesse and Cathy for the links. I appreciate it! I have so much to learn. I'm having so much fun :) Cathy, your link led me to Jesse-a MN triathlete.