Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Yes, triathlon.

This past week or two I've realized that I really enjoy riding my bike! I bought a Fuji road racing bike a few years ago and only rode here and there. Running came into my life and I really didn't get into the bike very much.

Well, I've gone out on 4 15-20 mile bike rides during the past week and am loving it. I went to Eriks' Bike Shop and got a lesson on using my bike. I couldn't figure out why I was having trouble shifting (I was doing it incorrectly!) and couldn't figure out why I was losing air in my tires (again, filling incorrectly!). I bought a helmet and have been riding since.

I entered a triathlon for August 28. The link is www.pickleevents.com/events/lctri it is a .5 mile swim, 17 mile bike and 4 mile run. The swim is the biggest mystery for me. I know I can bike the distance and run the distance. I've completed a few brick workouts where I bike 10 miles, get off and immediately go for a 4-8 mile run without a problem.

I've been going to the local beach for my swim. I don't do the crawl stroke very well. I need a teacher. In HS I was on the swim team and did the breast stroke. No crawl. I went to the gym this morning and lifted legs. Asked the front desk person about a swim coach or masters swim class, she didn't have a clue. Man, we only live 40 miles from Mpls., St. Paul and you'd think we were on another planet. I can't belive there isn't a Northwest or Life Time Fitness around here. Our gyms simply suck.

I've been reading a few triathlon titles: The Triathlon Bible, Triathlon Training for Women and Going Long: Ironman Training. If I'm going to do a tri I'll eventually do an Ironman of course.

I don't know the practice of MODERATION.


Cathy said...

You are my inspiration.
Good luck on your latest challenge. I know you are going to be great.
I have been reading Wil's blog, you might like her, she has some great stuff.



jessie_tri_mn said...

Hello fellow Minnesotan! I'm in Minneapolis...

I'm not doing the Lakes Country Tri (doing the St Croix tri the following weekend). Looks like a beautiful location, though. Good luck!

Since there are no swim coaches around your parts, you might want to check out some videos from Total Immersion, http://www.totalimmersion.net. Good technique is the key to working less hard in the water -- and saving your energy for the bike and run :)

Wow, an ultra runner, huh? Impressive! You're well on your way to an Ironman!

Julie B said...

Thanks Jesse and Cathy for the links. I appreciate it! I have so much to learn. I'm having so much fun :) Cathy, your link led me to Jesse-a MN triathlete.