Sunday, July 31, 2005

Race Report..V

It was awesome, simply awesome.

Here is the race report I posted to my ultra running group:

After running the Afton 50K a few weeks ago in 6:20 I realized that I was
feeling way to good at the finish and probably should have tried to push it a
bit harder .

I have never been one to set time goals, I've only tried to finish, while
digging deep to reach the cutoffs. Some of which I couldn't reach.

I was talking with Don Clark at Afton and he suggested I try running out of
my comfort zone, try setting a time goal and see what I can do. I agreed. I
would try and run Voyaguer in 11 hours. Pretty scary to me.

Voyaguer 1 (2002) took me 14:03 (13 hour cut off), V 2 (2003) I dropped at
50K and V 3 (2004) was an 11:52 so an 11 hour finish was going to be tough.

I decided to share this goal with my friends; I felt that by sharing this
time goal with them, they would hold me accountable if I should end up crashing
on the trail. Knowing that I told friends of my 11 hour goal, that would
push me even harder to reach the goal.

Race day morning and the weather was beautiful. High of 75, sun, the stuff I
love to run in. I brought Jeffrey up to the front of the line to introduce
him to Doug Hansel and at that time the start was yelled; there we were up
with the front guys. This turned out to be a very good thing. Jeffrey and I were
following after Tom Bunk and others that we had no business running with. We
were out of our league but we kept on pushing. We were at the second aid
station within an hour! We felt good, strong, getting fatigued but figured we'd
just push on and see what would happen.

Of course I had to make a pit stop before the powerlines and I figured that
was the end of running with Jeffrey. I've never caught him after a potty
break. Well, this time was different. After aid station 7 or so we were running
together again. First time I've ever caught him!

We ran into the turn around at 5 hours; I headed back out while Jeffrey took
care of business with his drop bags.

I came up out of the aid station and fell into line with Lisa from WI. She's
finished 89 ultras, has completed the Slam and completes Ironman. It was
awesome to run with her. We ran together for 15 miles.

Lisa was slowing down and told me to head out. I did. I was feeling great. I
was eating a ton of food, drinking a lot, everything was going well. I had
visions of a 10:30 until I was running the last section through the rocks and
it took me 39 minutes! Sheesh, I never thought the bike path was going to
come. I got on the bike path and ran as fast as I could to the finish.

10:45. Wow.

This race is so much fun. After an awesome trail run there are showers,
great food and a fun awards ceremony! Big thanks to Gene and Barb and all of the

Thanks to so many of you for your congratulations and kind words. I sure
found myself a terrific group of friends!

Julie Berg
Big Lake


Anonymous said...

Awesome Julie!
Congrats on surpassing your goals. Hooray!

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All I can say