Thursday, July 28, 2005

Voyaguer 50 Mile Trail Ultra

The race will be held this Saturday. I'm trying to lay off the running a bit this week, I've been biking and even tried a few swims.

Yesterday I biked 20 miles at an easy pace-it took me 1:20-then pulled into the driveway, hopped off the bike and ran a 5 mile run with Topaz in the neighborhood. Got some looks from the neighbors when they saw me biking; then running. Kind of like 'oh oh, here she goes again'. When I first began to run marathons I would get comments like 'you ran by this morning when I was drinking my coffee, not I'm eating my lunch and you are still running' well, yeah, 30 miles takes me a while!

I'm not very good at the swimming, but have contacted a few people who are so that will be helpful.

Today I shouldn't run. I should just pack, get groceries for the family while I'm gone and relax. But I really want to run. Only a few miles? We'll see. I shouldn't.

OK, so after running the Afton 50K on July 2, and doing much better than I anticipated, I decided I'd set a time goal for V. I set a time goal of 11 hours. I'm still going to try to get an 11 hour finish. That's 50 minutes off my fastest V. I have 24 pounds less of fat now, that should help somewhat!

The weight is still 126.8 today. I've been increasing my carbs to 150-200 grams Wednesday and Thursday, Friday will be a bit higher. Carbo Load.

I contacted a friend of mine that I met while we were training for our first Marathon in 1999. While we were training for the marathon, Amy was also training for an Ironman. Wow. I talked to her yesterday. She told me the WI Ironman usually fills immediately; and they open registration 13 months in advance. So, if I'm thinking of doing IM 2007 I'll have to register in August of 06. Wow. That would give me all next summer doing spring and Olympic distance tri's, getting a feel for what I'm doing. In 2007 I'd be training for IM. Woohoo.

As far as running goals, my friend, Larry Pederson is taking over the Superior marathon and 50 mile this September; next September he'll have the 100 mile as well. I'm running the 50 again this year, next year I'll try the 100. I'm going to run that baby. It's the toughest, rockiest and most brutal trail I've ever run. 100 would be way hard. I'd need to ask for a pacer for sure. I'd like to do McNaughton too! Defend my title for first women in the 100.

Back to reality, time to focus on V!


OK, so I ran 4 miles on the trail with Topaz. Four very easy miles!


:) said...

Holy Jeez...50 miles. And I am fretting over my little marathon coming up in December...silly me!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Julie!