Sunday, November 25, 2007

Afton Fat Ass Fun Run

5 years ago, Scott Wagner, RD for the Afton Trail Races began a tradition. He bushwhacked a trail for 10-15 of us to enjoy as a fat ass run, usually the Friday or Saturday following Thanksgiving. We've always enjoyed it very, very much. We run on deer trail, or Scott trail, through drain pipes, along the river, up and down rock cliffs. Following the hike we have a fabulous social time with pot luck. It's always been a ton of fun.

This year Scott wasn't up to putting together the FA run. We were all very very fortunate that John Storkamp and Kevin Martin followed Scott's tradition and put on a FA for all of us to enjoy.

It was marvelous. Truly, one of the best ever. Kevin and John spent 25 hours creating and carving out a 3.5 hour run for us. We are so lucky. There was a record number of participants this year. It seems that we are experiencing a bit of growth in the interest of trail running lately. There were quite a few new faces at this FA, it was fun to meet some new people. We had roughly 30 people out on the trails!

I enjoyed the later start, 9:00. I didn't have to leave home until 7, was able to see Mom and Dad off to Texas at 415 AM and even was able to cook Troy his Coco Wheats before I headed off.

I packed up a tray of 5 dozen Christmas Cookies, 2 pounds of fudge and 3 Dozen Biscotti. I came home with 2 cookies and 4 pieces of biscotti! I guess it was a hit.

Anyhow, the Visitor's Center was reserved. Luckily there are two wonderful fireplaces outside with picnic tables, so we set up house outside. It was a 35 degree day, not to shabby.

John gave a quick synopsis of our run, we mingled and met, and headed on out upon the deer trail. It was so wonderful, rough, rugged, lots of hiking, climbing, running and smiles and laughing everywhere.

We ran along the deer trail, through crevasses, gorges, up cliffs and down steep hills. We even ran a beach run, along the St. Croix River. We had a crossing and many became wet. Lucky for us, John and Kevin set this up 2 miles from the finish so those that were wet and cold didn't have to put up with it for long.

We had two aid stations set along the course. Cheese, crackers, cookies, grapes, sparkling cider, oranges; we were treated well.

After 3.5 hours on the trail, those who had strapped GPS to their wrists told us we had covered just over 10 miles. What a great workout! It was fabulous. How many can say it takes 3.5 hours to cover 10 miles?

When we arrived to the visitor center the two outdoor fireplaces were stoked, food was plenty, there were warm bathrooms to change into, hot coffee and cider was ready. Great company and conversation was abundant.

Thank you, John and Kevin, for just a wonderful Fat Ass at Afton. It is one that we will never forget.

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