Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blaze Orange

The Minnesota Deer Opener began yesterday. Let the shot guns fly. Topaz and I headed out to the Blue Hill Trail as it is a no hunting zone. I always hear hunters around the perimeter of the trail where hunting is allowed, but have yet to see a hunter on the trail.

As I approached the trail head I saw the sign: Closed for Repair of Bridges. The parking lot was closed. The bridges have been out since August. I just wade through the water; no biggie. I like that many of the trail walkers now stay home due to the bridges being out.

I decided to drive up to the Mahonen Trail; it's not as nice, about 4 miles long, will do it a pinch. As I approached this trail I saw the sign "warning: deer hunt in progress, must wear blaze orange". There was only one truck in the lot, I figured it was a walker or something. Well, good grief, as I am running down the trail here I see the man in orange in a tree stand right over the trail that I am running upon. I can hear shots all over the place. I was a wreck. Even though I had on my blaze orange, and Topaz had on his, I was freaked out. Not worth it. So not worth it.

I got back into the car and headed back to Blue Hill. I decided to park across the street in the deer hunting zone and run over to the trail. Ah, relief. No gun shots, but running where I wasn't supposed to be, and being freaked out from the deer shots I heard from Mahonen, had my hair on end. I didn't enjoy it very much. I couldn't relax. I ran for three hours; three hours of dodging deer hunters is what it felt like. I didn't see any hunters on Blue Hill, the bridges haven't been touched. I came home and saw online that the freaking trail will be closed until December 31. Well, *uck that.

Today we headed back out to Mille Lacs Kathio State Park. No deer hunting allowed in the whole park :) Topaz and I had on our blaze orange, but I didn't hear a shot. Peace. Quiet. Relaxing. Just what I needed. 7 wonderful hours on the trail. I'm really digging this park!

Today I investigated the river and lakes of the park. Topaz swam, I skipped rocks. It was a beautiful day; warm, not windy, 60F. Tomorrow the cold front comes through.

My legs are achy. Yesterday I completed a whopper of a leg workout. I had been doing Afterburn workouts since July. I just finished up the 12 week set, it went well, is good to do with all the racing I did during the summer as it doesn't wreck me. Today I went back and began Muscle Professor workouts from LL. Oh man, I forgot how wicked the legs template was. I did the following:

Barbell Squat: 90x10x1; 155x10x3
Sitting Leg Press: 100x10x1, 190x10x3
Leg Extension: 35x10x1, 85x10x3
Laying Ham Curl: 40x10x1, 90x10x3
Barbell Dead Lift: 45x10x1, 90x10x3
Adducter: 90x10x1, 165x10x3
Abductor: 90x10x1, 165x10x3

It took me 60 minutes! I love the muscle professor. I came home, entered my values and printed off legs for next week. In the meantime, I'm planning 3x in the gym a week; biceps/chest/tricep; legs; shoulder/back. Winter is a good time to build my strength back up.

Ought to be interesting hobbling out my treadmill intervals in the AM!


Kimberly Rae said...

Jules what program are you using in MP for your splits?

I'm glad you were not taken as deer meat today, you nut!

And what a cool mom, taken you son to his first concert and Ozzy at that!

Julie B said...

Hey Kim,

I used the MP template to create my own 12 week program for three days a week splitting legs; back and shoulders; chest, bicep and tricep. I may have to split legs into two different days. I didn't work any calves!

Coach Jen said...

I was wondering where you purchased your grass-fed beef and was it expensive????

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,
I have a tech question for you. I have only used itunes and downloaded a few work out from Muscle professor. How do I get it on the ipod? I tried just selecting them all and sending them to it and it didn't work. Do you have to burn them on disc first? I have only used itunes, so I really have no clue how to get nonitunes stuff on there!