Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Run

Today we celebrated the birthdays of Duke, Nancy and Pierre. What better way to celebrate November birthdays then meet up for a run at Afton State Park and have a pot luck and loads of visiting afterward? None that I can think of!

It's a little less than a two hour drive for me. I arrived EARLY for a change. I didn't have to stop for gasoline this time around and didn't have to have anyone await my arrival.

We had a great turnout too. The day was simply stunning: 58F and SUNNY. No wind, no snow, just a beautiful day on the trail. Most of us were overdressed. The jackets, hats and gloves came off quickly.

We headed out at 8 AM for a 2.5 hour run through the woods. Did I mention how beautiful the day was? I couldn't stop saying that during the run either. It was blissful. I was full of bliss. Yeah, it was that great.

We ran along the snowshoe single track and areas that I think are for deer only. Luckily, Jeffrey knows the deer trail and takes us off of the beaten path to do a bit of bushwhacking. It was incredible! Five deer passed us easily.

Back to the visitor center for hot coffee, Caribou Mocha Java, compliments of Nancy no less, wonderful fruit salads, trail mixes, egg bakes, cakes and brownies. Lots of goodies and great company.

A great way to spend the morning.

I'm looking forward to meeting up next week for the 50K FA.

Now, I have a date with 100 pounds of potatoes that are ready to be turned into lefse :) I need to get busy.

Happy Birthday to Duke, Nancy and Pierre!

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Jeffrey S. said...

Super fun day
I usually plan for a light and easy run on potluck days. Today was different. Way different. Everyone ran fast for the full 2 hours. Little walking and NO standing around.

The warm sun was nice.

Thanks Julie, See you next week...