Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peace. At Last.

This afternoon as Topaz jumped into the back of my CR-V I grabbed his orange running vest. I realized I had on a pink top, it was 60F and I wasn't about to put on my orange running jacket. Oh well, I figured the hunters wouldn't shoot at hot pink, I hoped.

As I pulled into a desolate road, as the trail head is closed, as the whole trail is closed and I now have to run on the sly, I realized that the hunters were not hanging out of the trees. Hunting season in the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge must have finished up on Sunday. Yippee!

I was able to enter the fields without peeking around the trees, looking to see if a person in orange was nearby. I was able to run relaxed, shoulders down, mind floating from one thought to another, running through the peaceful woods without hearing the shots of nearby hunters. It was wonderful.

I noticed that Topaz wasn't running quite as close to me, he was way out to the side, or way up in front, then tearing back to me as fast as he could. I realized that he hadn't been running in his normal manner the past two weeks. The gun shots were making him nervous as well. I hadn't noticed it at the time. I noticed that he was again running with the deer, and realized that the last two weeks he hadn't been running with them. He had been sticking with me. Interesting.

Today the only noise that made me bunch my shoulders to my neck in anxiety was the noise that the three grouse made as they flew out of the tree and right across my path! They freaked me out!

I had an abundance of energy today. This morning I had the BEST ever treadmill workout. I ran my fastest ever. EVER. I was planning on running my usual intervals: warm up, run 5 minutes at 7 mph, 5 minutes a 8 mph, then 1 minute at 8.5, recover a minute, repeat. Today I ran 4 7:34 minute miles. I have never run that. Ever. Ever ever ever before. It was awesome. I had incredible energy and I don't know why, for sure. I have a theory..but who knows for sure. I thought because of my great AM workout that tonight's run would be lacking; but it wasn't. I felt like running another 8 miles. I didn't, it was getting dark and I have two workouts scheduled for tomorrow, but still, this energy is incredible.

I think it is because I am 'detoxified'. I think that the chemical reaction I get from the sugar is gone, I'm eating cups of healthy veggies, lean meats, ample fats and fruits each day, this is giving me great energy. It has to be the loss of the sugar, the additional healthy veggies, etc. that are making a difference in my workouts.

Today after my treadmill workout I had 1 whole egg, 11 whites, 3 cups of sauteed spinach (it shrinks to less than 1 cup cooked) and a cup of mushrooms with a slice of no fat cheese to create a whopper of an omelet. I had a huge pear at about 10. For lunch I had a cup of chopped carrots, a chopped apple, 5 oz tuna, 1 T low fat mayo, raisins. For dinner I had 3 cups of sauteed broccoli, 6 oz of salmon, an onion, soy sauce. For dessert I had a very ripe banana. I was totally satisfied and full. All that fiber, all those veggies, plenty of omega, all good stuff. I had plenty of energy to fuel my workouts. I didn't miss my oats at all, I ran out yesterday and didn't make it to the store today. I was still full when I was going to eat another 200 calories so I just let it go. I think the soy sauce has made me very thirsty and with all of the water I am drinking I could not eat another thing.

I will be sure to get in all of calories in tomorrow; I wonder how my workouts tomorrow will go. I continue to be amazed at how great I feel, how much energy I have, since I have stopped eating sugar. I'm reading more and more data on the connection between sugar and brain chemistry, how it has been proven that sugar can change our brain chemistry over time and it blows my mind.

Now, I must watch The Biggest Loser.


Runner Susan said...

11 egg whites? Wow. I need to get back on an eating plan, I jumped off the wagon at halloween.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the sugar. That *was* one of my addictions as well. I went cold turkey along with, caffeine, asparatmine (which read up on that crap and it's worse than any sugar), cheese and meat. I feel wicked awesome also!!! I never thought I could be satisfied with just fruit for breakfast, but I feel so much better.

Honestly, again, you were one of my biggest inspirations!!

Way to go hitting the weight too! I am thrilled for you!!

Have you ever looked into stevia or agave? I have just avoided anything like that while I detox as well.

Great job and what a fantastic post to read first thing in the morning!!


Olga said...

Awesome, Juls!!! You rock, girl, just get'r done:)

Carilyn said...

I'm loving that you, Olga, and Ronda are posting your nutrition info. It is really helpful. I definitely needed a good kick in the caboose and watching y'all is very motivating! Thanks for the great post!

RunBubbaRun said...

Ever since I read your post about hunter, I've been paranoid running on the trails. I'm glad they don't have deer season where I run, I hope anyway.. Glad your is over with.

Great job sticking with the "sugarless" program, That is some great will power there..

ps. I was thinking about doing McNaughton 100 in '08, I was wondering if you could send some tips my way on how to train for night running, rnbubbarn@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I also love that you're posting your nutrition plans - it is indeed inspirational, and you're reflections on how going sugar-less is affecting your energy levels are incredibly motivating!

Julie B said...

You guys-my nutritional information for EVERY DAY is in the link on the side bar-it says My Food Leanness Lifestyle or something. Every day for the past year or so is there.

SteveQ said...

You were voted a board member of the UMTR last night! So was I. You'll get all the details from Larry or Alicia.

I finally started a training blog.