Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Party on the Trail!

Voyageur 50 mile is tomorrow! This was my second 50 mile race that I did. Ufdah! It was a tough one. I ate 18 Advil; not a very smart thing to do, I know. My knees were giving out and I thought I had injured myself for life. Not so. My body just didn't know what was happening to it! Marie and I ran this race together and yes, her husband Tom, who is NOT a runner..was running faster than us. He came running out of an aid station, down the trail, screaming "Julie and Marie! Come on you girls, you have to RUN, they are going to close the course, RUN RUN RUN!" Tom was running! Marie and I felt like we were running, in our minds, but no, our bodies weren't running.

We ended up finishing last..well over the course allotted time of 13 hours. We were 14:30 or so. The wonderful RD saved us lasagna and even a finishing piece of pottery. Barb is a sweetie.

Since then my body has become stronger and I am running faster. Last time this course gave me a 1026.

Voyageur is a sweet little race. For $35 the finisher receives a piece of hand made pottery, a t shirt, a lasagna, bread, salad and ice cream finishing dinner and a shower! You just can't beat it.

Not to mention the best part: all of my dear friends will be here as well. We'll have a grand time!

The race goes from the Carlton High School into the woods, through Jay Cooke Park, power lines from hell- 350' straight up, over and over and over again, Mission Creek Trails to Skyline Drive in Duluth, across Spirit Mountain Ski Slopes, into the Zoo and back on out again. It's a great race!

Carlton is only a few hours from home and the race doesn't begin until 7 AM. I'll just wake up around 3 AM, and be on my way by 330 AM, run the race, attend the awards and head on back home to sleep in my own bed. Topaz and I can enjoy the trails on Sunday morning. Or will I be back at Hyland or Powder Ridge?


jamie said...

Sounds like a great race. Have fun and best of luck!

kelly said...

Do you change the size of the font for your blog? It seems so tiny, or maybe it is my eyes? Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

^^^Wondering same thing^^^
I have to squint! Good Luck today!