Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer Road Trip(s)

A few weeks ago I asked Steve and the boys if they had any interest in accompanying me to Colorado in August to run the Leadville 100 Trail Race. The boys were lukewarm to the idea and Steve was very interested as long as he had the vacation time. He checked with his employer and even after taking next week off for the 4th of July he still has plenty of vacation this year to burn.

I guess I'm planning another road trip! I'm glad they are going to come along. We haven't taken a drive vacation in quite some time. It's been years since we drove out to CA - a three week drive trip - we are overdue. We'll drive to Rapid City for night one, I better get out an atlas and begin to make reservations and create a plan. We'll probably take 10 days, I'll have plenty of time to acclimate and hike the peaks out there. What a great adventure :)

I'm making a few mini road trips in the next weeks. Up to the cabin on Lake Vermilion, back home to run Afton 50K, back to the lake, up to the Superior Hiking Trail for the Third Annual BETA run. Great fun.

Today's Beginning Run Group was wonderful. The gals walked 6 minutes, ran 4 minutes x 3 with a long walk for a cool down. They are doing fantastic. Next week we'll do a 5/5 with a longer finish walk. By walking longer at the end the bodies will be stressed and then recovered to a longer exercise session for when we are running more than walking and then lengthening our sessions. The all want to continue this through the fall and are asking about winter running. A good sign, isn't it! They are enjoying it as much as I.

I am trying Bread Bakers Apprentice Pain la Ancienne - a cold ferment baguette. My first try, I'm anxious to see how it turns out. While I bake this baby I spray water into the oven, creating a steam for a nicer crust. Learning learning learning..


Olga said...

Glad family is going to join you! And boy, I am glad I don't live around you - I'd eat all your baking in one sitting and wouldn't be able to move, yet along run!!!

Anonymous said...

We are making a family trip to Leadville also. When Mike and I ran Leadville Marathon last year we could not help but wish the kids could have seen the amazing beauty! They will get to this year! Guess we will see you out there!