Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday With Dorie Time! Summer Fruit Galette

Michelle of Colorado Springs picked out the Dorie Greenspan recipe this week. She chose the Summer Fruit Galette. By linking to her name you will find the recipe. By clicking on the Tuesday with Dorie on the sidebar of this blog you will find all of the other Galette's posted.

This was easy peasy to create and very good to taste. Troy and Tyler gobbeled it up very quickly. Troy prefers this galette over pie. I would prefer pie and really don't know why one would chose to create a galette over a pie. For a change, I suppose. I said the same about the cobbler. I guess I am just a pie gal, not to mention that I LOVE Dorie's pie crust! The blueberry pie was to die for.

This galette uses one crust and you can use any type of fruit available. I used strawberries since I picked a zillion of them this year. Now I have a zillion raspberries and soon will have a zillion blueberries. We love berries!

Next up is Black and White Banana Loaf. I am going to bake mine today, along with a few new loaves of bread that I haven't yet tried :)


Engineer Baker said...

I have to admit, I'll pick a galette because it doesn't require as much fussiness. Strawberries sound delicious though!

Susie Homemaker said...

Looks so great!! Love the variation!

Christine said...

Your galette looks fantastic! Great job! Everytime I come to your blog you inspire me to get back into the gym.

Bungalow Barbara said...

I like the ease of a galette, too, but to each her own! Those strawberries look really delicious.