Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hammerin' Hyland

After running repeats at Hyland last Sunday I had stiff calves until Friday. I couldn't believe how stiff I was. I was hoping it would go away before Afton. It finally did, but man, it held on for dear life.

Today I was at it again. Abusing my body, breaking it down, so that it can recover, rebuild and become stronger than it was yesterday.

I live 70 miles from Hyland and in rush hour, heading toward Minneapolis/St Paul, is a recipe for a long frickin' commute. Sometimes two hours. Instead of facing that crap, which I left when I began to work for the school district in Big Lake, I left home at 4AM so I could skip rush hour and arrive Hyland at 5. I made it in an hour flat. Good omen.

I carried my cooler of Heed, gels, iPod, cell, ice and water up the trail from the lot to the hill. The sun rose, the birds awoke; it was a glorious morning. Up and down the hill I trudged. I do trudge. I'm not exactly graceful. As I am running down the hill it feels like my teeth could fall from my mouth. I'm bombing down as fast as I can go. Sometimes I fall. At the bottom of the hill I turn around and run up to the second ski lift pole, then the trudge is on. Up up up I go. Trudge trudge trudge.

My plan was to run repeats from 5 to 11. That I did. I counted out 60, just because I counted out 60 last week and then stopped. I figured I needed to surpass 60 in order to improve. I counted 10 more and then told myself no more counting. From now on I am only counting hours.

As I was bombing down hill I noticed a woman with a huge pack on her back running along the gravel road. She had grey hair and looked to be in her 60's. Eventually she made her way to the hill and I introduced myself to her. Her name is Rosie. She is 64 years old. She is at Hyland with a back pack, getting ready to head out to Montana to hike with her son and grandchildren. She won't have her son having to wait for her to catch up. She's going to be hiking right with him. My eyes filled with tears when she told me so. I was in awe. I told her so. I told her how much I respected her and how awesome I thought she was. She couldn't imagine going out to run 100 miles in Leadville Colorado.

I want to be just like Rosie when I'm 64. Out at Hyland with a pack on my back. Getting ready to hike in the mountains with my boys and their children. I don't think it gets any better than that. Rock on Rosie!

At 1100 I was ready to head home. It was 84F. By the time I arrived Anytime Fitness for an hour of legs it was 61F in Big Lake! A storm passed through while I was gone. I heard on the radio it went through Bloomington with golf ball sized hail, straight line winds in excess of 50 miles an hour. I'm glad I hit was hammerin' Hyland early today and was out of the area before Mother Nature hammered away.

So legs:

Barbell Squat: 210x12x4
Press: 280x12x4
Ham Curl: 105x12x4
Extension: 120x12x4
Deads: 100x12x4

And the leggies are tired. Tonight I coach my evening Beginning Runner Group. They may outrun me!

Three days running the Superior Hiking Trail is up next. Steve and Troy are limiting out on walley and northern on Lake Vermilion. They'll be home Sunday, too.

Run On!


Damon said...


I'm amazed at the differences in the weights we lift. If I tried to squat 210, I wouldn't make it through one set of 12. I seem stuck on 155 these days.

Yet, on deadlifts, I could do 205 for 4 sets of 12. I know that you did your deads at the end of your workout, but the difference is quite dramatic between our squats and deads.

But, your weight workouts and your long mileage are certainly paying off. You are running amazingly well this year.


Carl Gammon said...

Nice hill workout. Sometimes I wish I had your motivation, and I only live 10 minutes from Hyland.

SteveQ said...

So, after Afton, you have the energy to run hills for 6 hours and lift weights! A week later, and I'm up to 1 measly mile (granted, it's more than I expected).

Julie B said...

Hey Damon, my lower back is kind of weak, hence the baby weight on the deads. I began at 15 pounds though so have made a bit of improvement. The squats I began at 60 pounds. I always see improvement in the lower body but seem to be stuck at the upper body.

Carl, I will be at Hyland again on Sunday. Probably another 5 am-11am hill workout.

Steve, a mile is great!! It beats laying on the couch any old day. You should be taking it slow, you know? In order to fatigue my legs at weights I usually need to do a hard hill/run or stair stepper first. Otherwise I run out of 45 pound plates to add to the bar/press.