Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I'm just thankful that I snowshoed long yesterday while it was warm and balmy (21F and a snowstorm, we received 6") and short today. 8 miles snowshoeing at -12F and a -43 wind chill. It really does put goosebumps on my skin.

First two pants run of the season. 2 shirts, wind jacket, gloves and wind mitts, turtle fur hat and neck wrap keeps me toasty. My feet became cold as my gortex Inov 8's were still soaked from yesterday. I should have stuffed them with newspaper but spaced it. I wore my Flyrock's instead.

The snow is just wonderful! We were the first to break the trail of course and in some of the meadow areas where the big drifts were, it was well past my knees. Cool. Topaz loped over the moguls, enjoying it all.

Topaz stayed warm with his booties. The first time I put them on him he didn't know what I was doing. He didn't want his paws to touch the floor, and stepped high, barely putting any weight on them. It was quite funny! Now he knows that they keep the ice out and are a preparation for a run. When he saw the booties in my hand this morning he knew we were going for a run and did his silly happy run dance.

1.5 hours on the trail was enough for me today! This afternoon I'm going to meet Suzanne for a yoga session. Nice and warm.


Matthew Patten said...

I mentioned this song a few weeks ago on my blog.

I love the tenacity of the guy in this song using "baby, it's cold outside" as a reason she should not go home and spend the night with him.

When Sinatra sings it, it makes me melt like butta.

You are a bad ass for going out this morning

elizabeth said...

You are definitely a bad ass Julie! 20 miles on snowshoes is quite a workout. How long did it take you?

I did get the Northern Lites. Tried them out today. Great! Much better than the two previous brands I've tried. I didn't make it 20 miles however, I'm lucky if I got 8 miles in. Snowshoe running in a foot of snow is not easy! I think using poles might help. It was only about 5 degrees and my German Shorthair Sam was cold, even with a jacket and booties and running non-stop. So I headed back to the car after a couple hours.

What yummy things are you baking for the holiday this year? I made some iced gingerbread cookies and also some dog biscuits today. The dogs loved the biscuits!