Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

What a fabulous morning run! The snow, thick and wet and abundant. The forest; quiet of people and dogs. Only the sound of falling snow..and grouse..and the snort of a few deer..

I didn't wake up until 7AM! I don't know when the last time I slept in so late was, many months ago. Steve left the house at 5 to ice fish so I had the bed to myself and was able to snooze. Lovely.

When Troy and I came downstairs at 715 it was pouring rain outside, 36F. I couldn't believe it. It would be a warm wet run. Warm wet snowshoe? I wasn't sure. I put the snowshoes in the car just in case.

By the time we reached the trail head the rain had turned to snow and was coming down quickly. Big, wet, fat flakes. I couldn't see where the road/shoulder was. Crazy how quickly it changed.

The trail was lovely. Beautiful and magical; all white. No people. Just Topaz and I. I put my snowshoes on and off we went to make the first tracks. Just like a child; I loved to be the first to make the tracks..I still do! Well, second-Topaz always beats me.

We ran through the woods, the snow falling so heavily and steady that I couldn't see Topaz at times. It was so beautiful. The trees were becoming heavy with snow and creaking under the weight.

As I ran past a bunch of small oak trees 4 grouse began to beat their wings and create their vacuum. They startled me with their noisy drumming! I guess we startled them first.

I ran with a smile on my face and couldn't stop exclaiming "Topaz! This is wonderful..this is magnificent..I love this!"

I am so thankful that I began to run. I used to hate snowy days. I didn't want to drive anywhere for fear of bad driving conditions; I would sit on the couch..eating..and wasting the day away. So sad. I was so happy to be out in the snow, in the woods, happily running along the trail! What a treat.

Last year I had to remove my snowshoes at the river in order to jump over and scramble up the sides. Not this year; the bridges are in place. It takes the adventure out of the crossing but that's OK!

Not even a skier out on the trail today. As we were finishing up I wondered if I could get Steve to go cross country skiing with me later in the afternoon?

Not so! By the time I had returned home the rain was coming down hard-and melting the snow we had received. Bummer. It is snowing again now, this evening but is supposed to be in the single digits for the highs all week.

Here it is already mid December. I am beginning to write down my 2008 goals reached and I am thinking about the goals I want to reach in 2009. I'll put them to blog soon.

What are your goals for 2009? Did you nail your 2008 goals? YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOALS!! (You first have to set them) 'Tis the Season!


elizabeth said...

Julie...I would love 36 degress right now! Jealous that you are out enjoying the outdoors with Topaz. Its minus 25 degrees right now here. We've had subzero temps for three days now and its supposed to continue for a few more. Yuk! Its just too cold to go out for a run with the dogs in this weather. Makes you really appreciate it when the temp goes up to 15 or 20 and you can enjoy running outside.

Anonymous said...

....sulking in to say I spent the day mostly on the couch and catching up on laundry... my bad, I know, BUT you did get me thinking about my 2009 goals!