Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday, Topaz :)

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Jason said...

Cute! Happy Birthday Topaz!

Damon said...

For some reason, I thought you'd had Topaz longer than 7 years. My running pal, Rocket the Rhodesian Ridgeback, turns 8 in the spring. For a dog his size, that's getting into his senior years. He's gone as long as 20 with me, but this past summer, he noticably slowed down. I didn't take him longer than 8 all year and he seemed fine with that.

Our younger Ridgeback, Nikki the Psychopath, gets bored with running after just a mile or two, so she's just not a good long distance partner.

You and Topaz are a perfect match.

Cliff said...

What a great dog and a friend.

I read the previous post abotu you running into bears. Wowzers.

Way to go for Topaz to give you a head up on that.

Happy b-day Topaz!

Anonymous said...

All your babies are getting so big! ;P


SteveQ said...

No devil's food cake for Topaz, but did he get a special treat?

Runner Susan said...

Happy, happy day Topaz!!!

Julie B said...

Topaz barks a thank you! Steve, Topaz received 4 doggie booties handcrafted in Duluth by the maker of the iditerod dog and bear grease sled dogs for the amazing cost of $2.50 a piece versus the pair at REI at $63.50 WTF?????