Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Exciting Crossing of River Last Year

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elizabeth said...

Julie- I think I might have asked you about your Northern Lites snowshoes before? That looks like the "Elite" model that you have? (they now make the "Elite" in orange) I see they have an "Elite Racer" which is 20in long instead of 25in. I'm thinking of trying the Northern Lites snowshoes. I tried the Crescent Moon brand last year and didn't like them much and my Atlas are not made for running. Are you still happy with yours? Sounds like it!

Julie B said...

Hi Elizabeth, I'm very happy with mine. I ordered from; a company in WI. I had a claw break off and had a problem with a buckle after 5 years. I mailed one back for repair..they only charged me FIVE bucks and promptly sent it back. I love 'em!