Wednesday, June 03, 2009

FANS 24 Hour Fun Run

Ah yes, FANS. I mailed in my entry. I kept going back and run the race or not to run the race. I originally wanted to try to PR at FANS this year. My current PR is 116 miles. After tearing my quad at McNaughton I wasn't able to put in the road work or the speed work that I would have liked to. I've been running nice and easily upon soft trail.

Oh well. I'll spend a nice day at the lake, getting in the miles that I am able to. No goal. Just fun.

When I told Steve and the boys that I was thinking of letting FANS go on without me this year, they gave me a look of horror...or fear? It was the same look I received from my Mom and sister when I told them I was thinking of becoming pregnant (I was vehemently opposed to having children most of my life). I hadn't seen that look in a while. The look that is afraid of change.

We received Troy's tournament schedule; 2 games Saturday and 2 games Sunday. Sunday games are 3:00 and 5:00. I can make them. The race is done at 8 AM and only an hour from home. I'll only be away Saturday night. Good deal.

Last year I said it would be my last FANS. 500 miles and I was going to retire FANS. Well, I have 591 miles..guess I'll go for 600. Then I'll hang up my FANS shoes.


Carl Gammon said...

I was a bit shocked, too, when you mentioned at Superior that you wouldn't be doing FANS. However, I'm glad to hear you'll be there to chat with through the night.

SteveQ said...

Two people asked me this morning if I was doing FANS. We get associated with some races, I guess.

Debby Horn says she never does well at FANS. She'll do 125+.
Mike Henze'll do 140 (new record), with Harmer and Holmen pushing him.
You'll be right behind Debby and Sue.