Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun in the Sun

The second week of my summer vacation is closing in on me. I can't believe how quickly it goes. I no longer 'wish for Friday'; Friday is here all to soon. Instead, I enjoy each and every day.

I love summer. Oh, how I love summer. No snowshoes, no snow, no boots, no booties, no Minnesota Hunch of my neck and back, I'm not wearing three layers of clothing to run in. Lots of running on the trail and track. Running in shorts, running with the deer flies. They aren't even getting me down. I'm happy. I love summer.

The past week has been absolutely Minnesota Perfect. 90's, clear and sunny. It has been raining during the night, clear and gorgeous during the day. Awesome.

I have 6 weeks left of summer vacation. I'm very lucky to have this time off. I am enjoying each and every day.

Each day it seems Troy is playing baseball. I love it. They don't have a very good team, they've won two games. They are all having fun and that is what counts..I keep on telling the boys that. They may believe me one of these days.

Tonight Troy plays at 7 and after the for a midnight run under the moon, and maybe under a storm as well. The plan is a good 6 hour run on the trail. Just what I need..physically and mentally. I'm really looking forward to it.

Enjoy summer. I am!

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Anonymous said...

Can you write something about how to run in hot weather? I can't do 90 degrees; I slept late and it's 72 out and I'm thinking "no". 6 hours!! You must know something I don't.