Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Paz

Thank you so much for all of the kind comments relating to Topaz. I appreciate it so very much. Your kind thoughts did help.

It's amazing how quickly the brain can change priorities. One minute I'm thinking about FANS, it is on my List Of Things That Matter and the next minute finishing FANS was on my List Of Things That No Longer Matter.

Topaz had surgery and is recovering just fine. The vet called me during surgery to state that his in addition to the first tooth that was causing trouble, he felt that the exact tooth on the opposite side of the jaw could be causing trouble as well. He asked me if he should go ahead and extract the second tooth in addition or if he should clean it well and with good oral hygiene it might be OK. I think he was really asking me if I wanted to spend the money on the second tooth. I asked him his opinion and he was of the opinion to take the second tooth. OK, then do it. He told me that Topaz would be ready to go home about 4 PM.

I walked up to the counter and was handed my bill. $212? I looked at the receptionist and told her I was quoted $500 per tooth if extraction took place and if all three roots had to be removed. She mumbled something about the bone of his jaw.

The vet arrived and told me that the infection was so bad that it had eaten away all three roots of the tooth, that he didn't have to work real hard at the extraction. He told me that the infection and begun to eat away at his jaw bone and that this caused the trouble with the nerve. The infection ran along the nerve up into the ear and near the brain. On tooth number two, the roots were exposed above the gum line, but the roots were still intact. He cleaned it very well and felt the tooth was worth keeping. With dental care, sealants, etc. the tooth will be OK.

With continued good nutrition his jaw bone will grow back, his gums will again become healthy. Hopefully the paralysis of the face is due to the nerve damage caused by the infection.

It's amazing to me that Topaz never let on that this tooth caused any pain. He continued to eat, to chew on rawhide, didn't have any offensive order, his energy level was high. As an ultra runner I guess he has a high tolerance for pain.

This morning his ear is back up, his eye is beginning to blink, his lip is slowly coming back up. I don't think it was the Frontline after all!

Again, thanks for all of the kind thoughts and words.


SteveQ said...

Dogs never let on that they're in pain; it's just their nature. Glad to hear Topaz is doing better and am a little jealous of the attention, as I'm fighting a dental abscess at the moment (and yeah, they hurt).

Kel said...

Great news to hear that Topaz is on the mend!

Carol said...

Yeah, Topaz is on the mend! I know you are releaved, Julie!

A Prelude To... said...

Thank goodness he's ok!!! I'm so happy for you and Topaz!!

Helen said...

Great news Julie! He's a trooper and I'm sure looking forward to getting back out into the woods with you :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! Just like an ultra dog....suck up the pain and keep on going. A speedy recovery to Topaz!

Anonymous said...

What a relief. Yeah, priorities, change, unexpectedly.