Monday, June 15, 2009


Last week I wrapped up my latest beginning running class. For the 'graduation' we ran the Princeton 5K as the girls first race. It was fabulous! I wasn't sure that I would be able to run it well having run 60 miles at FANS last Saturday. I really wanted to share in the girls first race so decided to run it no matter how my legs felt.

Carol and Heidi from my very first group joined us; Carol has run half a dozen races now and Heidi has even run a half marathon! Awesome.

Mary told us last Tuesday, on our final class, that she didn't feel ready for the 5K. We were all pretty bummed at that, I knew she was ready but wasn't going to force the issue. I told her that I would be leaving home at 700 and that she should call me should she change her mind and I would pick her up on the way.

Saturday morning at 630 the phone rang. Mary had changed her mind and was in! Of course, her hubby telling her that if she didn't run the race she could sand a wood project with him, helped to make her decision!

I picked up Mary, she said "...this is crazy, I can't believe I'm running a race.." "Welcome to the Dark Side" I told her!

The girls were very happy to see Mary. It helps to have a few people in your camp that are in the same state of progress as yourself. Most were running first race ever. Two spouses entered to run and support their wives! Fabulous. This was Kevin's first race since Superior 50K '08. Kevin has had some medical (heart, appedectomy) set backs and is now back at it, building his base.

The morning was beautiful. Bright, warm and sunny. Woohoo. We met up with one another, picked up our packets, I decided to register, and we waited for the start. GO! The course was an out and back, along the golf course, onto a gravel road. It was a great first race for the girls. Only one hill, water at the turn around, spectators cheering. Loads o' fun.

I came into the finish at 24:20 - 2nd girl - and ran to the car to collect my camera. I was able to take pictures of the finishes and cheer loudly! What a great experience.

Mary and Michelle had teamed up and encouraged one another. Michelle doesn't care for the heat, she was really becoming warm. They ran a strong finish, sprinting to the end. Amazing!

It was so rewarding to be part of this first race for these girls. I love it. Showing them that they CAN do it! They all did it. Heidi ran a 30:12 and was aiming for a 30! Good going Heidi.

After the race I came home to make breakfast for the boys, changed and headed to Hastings..aka the other side of the world.

John Storkamp, RD for the Afton Races, was having a Heavy Medal party. 20 of us volunteered to create the finishing awards for his race. It was a great time. It feels good to help out in any small way. Check out the ATR Blog for the pictures of the awards. The art work he did for this year's Tshirt is incredible. The shirt isn't only for running; you can wear art work anywhere.

Back home to attend grad parties with the family.

A great day. A full day. A rewarding day.

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Londell said...

Nothing is better than to know you were part of motivating people to go where they did not think they can go. Julie, you have motivated more people than I think you will ever know through this Blog and elsewhere. Keep up the love and passion. I know I love it and admire all you have accomplished!