Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009: Bring it On

Here it is; the first day of 2009. I rang in the New Year when Troy awoke me at 11:55 as I was sleeping on the couch. Yippee..2009...OK, goodnight, Troy.

I was tired while snowshoeing another 20 miles this morning. Yesterday was a leg day and it kicked my butt. Again. It was so beautiful out this morning, though! 20F is a perfect snowshoe temperature for a long distance run. Topaz herded up many deer, they were out and frolicking this morning. I'll run another long snowshoe and call myself ready for Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon in Duluth on the 17th. Please don't let it be -54F wind chill. Egads.

So..2009. Crazy. I can't stop thinking that. Crazycrazycrazycrazy.


Continue to maintain my weight loss. I can't tell you how horrible to feels to me when I am as little as 10 pounds over my goal weight. I become all negative and talk horribly to myself minute after minute. It spirals into additional negative thinking and actions. It's not good for me. When I am lean I treat myself well. I am able to stop the negative thoughts and think positively about all things. It's a good place for me mentally. I will work hard to stay lean. I will continue to eat a paleo for athletes diet consisting of lean meats and veggies, one processed carb meal a day of oats post run/workout for recovery. It's working for me.

I can not out run what I can eat. No matter if I am running 100 miles or 50 miles a week my calories typically stay at the same level with the same macros (40% of my calories coming from protein, 30% from carbohydrates and 30% from fat. I learned that I need to take in 1 Tbs of Flax oil each day to keep fat cravings at bay and for all around health. I also drink a cocktail of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and green tea extract to neutralize all of the acidity in my body from the breakdown and to rev up my metabolism.

When I increased my lifting from 2-3 days a week to 5 days a week I noticed I needed to increase my calories, but not from running more miles. This tells me my body has adapted to the ultra mileage and not to the lifting..yet.

Continue to Budget. For someone that never thought about staying within a budget, or for that matter, setting a budget, I am quite happy with the fact that I was able to do this. Of course the fact that gasoline has gone down from $4 to $1.39 this morning has helped immensely! I will reach my payoff/saving goals this year and will then be able to proceed with my next phase in this plan.

Family. I'm not a great telephone user. Well, I don't really use the telephone at all. I love email but will make a goal to call my parents and my sister each week; even when I don't have anything to say! Just to keep in touch and let them know that I care.

Races: I'm going to run McNaughton 100. I went back and forth on this as Larry Pederson is bringing a new 100 to Minnesota. The Zumbro 100, near Rochester. Originally this race was going to be held in March so I was going to run it. Now it is going to be held the same weekend (Friday) as McNaughton (Saturday) in April over Easter weekend this year. The RD of McNaughton, Andy Weinberg, has moved to Vermont, so this will be the last McNaughton 100. I have a free entry since I won it last year, and hell, it's Andy's last, I must be there.

So, here's to McNaughton #5. I WILL NOT be reserving a room at the Concorde Inn. You shouldn't either. Read race report McNaughton 2008!

I'm going to run FANS 24 Hour Run and run it for a PR. My current PR there is 116 miles. Why not try 120 hu? I love FANS. I'd like to try Kettle Moraine sometime but as long as I am an employee of the school and our final week is the same weekend as Kettle (and FANS) it will be FANS. I wouldn't be able to have that final Friday off.

I'm going to apply Badwater. 135 miles across Death Valley. John Storkamp and I were running at Afton a few weeks back and he told me that he, Pierre and Paul were going to apply. Pierre and Paul have run Badwater before and John has crewed. He asked me if I was interested in joining them. I thought about it for about 5 steps and said yes. He really had to twist my arm! The only problem is that I can't do this on my own. The rules state that I need a van and at least two people to crew for me. Badwater doesn't provide aid. I have such a hard time asking others for help ..what is up with that...that is the only downfall that I can see. Not that I have to run 135 miles on pavement through 125F temperatures and up a freaking 18 mile hill at the end to Mount Whitney. Ha! So yeah, this one is up in the air as I have to be accepted and find help.

If I get into Badwater I probably won't get revenge at Leadville 100 this year. We'll see. My family would like to go back out that is so cool so we'll see.

I'm also thinking about Lean Horse 100 in August. It's two weeks out from Superior 100 so that is OK. Lean Horse 50 is a selected race in the UMTR series so I would like to support the race. There would probably be a fun group of MN's to travel out with.

Superior Sawtooth 100 goes without saying. It is the race that is tough as hell and beautiful as can be. It's home. I love it. I've finished the 100 the past two years and would love another finish.

Javelina Jundred was a total blast last month. I really want to go back. For 2009 it is held on October 31 so I may get the family, or at least Troy, to come out with me. Scottsdale was awesome and the Marriot was perfect. They'd love to stay there. It won't coincide with the Minnesota deer hunt; we'll see how it works out.

I'll run quite a few other races as well: Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon in January, Winter Carnival Half Marathon in January, maybe Phys co Wyco in February but the last two I have entered I have ended up staying at home (Steve's pool tournament in 2007 and Tyler's appendix rupture in 2008). April will bring McNaughton, May the Superior 50K, June FANS, July Afton 50K or Badwater 135, August (?) Lean Horse 100/Leadville 100, September Twin Cities Marathon, October Javelina 100, November Surph the Murph 50K and December ..

Skijoring! Topaz and I will begin this fabulous sport! How did I not know about it? We're going to go to the novice classes at Midwest Mountaineering and we are both very excited. Skijor, translated from Norwegian, literally means to "ski drive". I have the cross country skiis that I haven't used in forever and yeah, Topaz and I are trained for endurance. He has booties now, too! We'll meet with the Midwest Skijorers Club and find out all about this endeavor.

Body Building Comp:It was bound to happen one of these years. I was pretty surprised that I didn't lose any of my muscle while running high miles and losing fat over the past year. I was able to hold onto and actually build muscle while lifting only 2-3 a week.

I've been going to shows for a while now, I have a few acquaintances who compete and always had the thought "just think if I could" well, why not now? I'm certainly not getting any younger. I'll compete in the novice and masters, probably coming in as a middle weight. Of course the nay sayers will say that an endurance runner can't build muscle, that the ultras will tear it down. Of course the nay sayers said I needed processed carbs to run a 100 mile race too. I'm always out to beat the myths. This will be a fun experiment.

When I thought about comps before I was too afraid at the thought of getting up onstage in a little bit more than nothing, worried about people thinking I wanted to get up and shake my booty; I've changed my way of thinking of that fear. I now think of the comp as the celebration of the work, the progress and the journey that it will take me to get there. It is all about growth, getting out of my comfort zone, stretching myself to do something I always admired others do. It's not about getting on stage and shaking my booty.

Coaching: I'm going to continue to offer online and running classes. I love it so much. I enjoy giving to others the gift to run. We can all run. You don't have to be a certain size or a certain age to run. Running will lead you so many more places than your original destination. I never would have believed that when I began to run 10 years ago, I would still be running today. Running for enjoyment, for the love of it.

Oh, and I need to take the time to learn to fully use my gadgets for Christmas: Garmin Nuvi, Computer and iPhone.

CHEERS to 2009! Enjoy!!


Steve said...

Julie, it looks like you've got a full plate for 2009. 2008 was a success for you in so many ways. I think going for Badwater is pretty bad-ass. However, I was looking forward to seeing how you were going to master Leadville. Either way, I will be following along as I did last year. You continue to be an inspiration for runners out there. Thanks for the great posts and keep it up! Best of luck in 2009!!

Travis said...

Glad to hear you are going to be at McNaughton again. I totaly agree on the Concord. I was there in 06 before I ran the 30 and it was the same senario, loud band and thin walls. The Hoilday Inn Express seems to be a good bet.

SteveQ said...

Paul Hasse was talking about running Badwater again this year. When I find his email, I'm going to ask if he wants me to crew for him. It's contagious!

SteveQ said...

Just saw that your time at Javelina makes you the 57th fastest US woman!

johnmaas said...

What a fantastic year you had in 2008! Yea, you said the "B" word...I heard it!
You don't need to ask, let me be one of the first to apply to crew for you.
One of my 2009 goals is to travel to Badwater and crew there in July. Keep me in mind if your application is successful. Pass the word on to the other MN applicants also. I hope that someone locally (MN) would consider me for the task.

Helen said...

Julie - congrats on the Top 100 honors!!! Nice one!

Damon said...


I think that a figure competition is something where you'd excel. You're amazingly strong and you've made so much progress on your nutrition. If the endurance work isn't hindering your muscle maintenance, you'll do great. The toughest part might be the cutting diet that you might need to follow and how that will affect your endurance work for a while. But, I'm betting you'll do great.

I'm thinking that after Western States this year, I might focus on lifting heavier and I might try a powerlifting meet sometime. I made some great strength gains the last couple months in the powerlifts, and though I'm far from competitive numbers, I've got a lot of room for improvement.

Alene Gone Bad said...


I got the comment you posted to my blog. Thank you, and best of luck getting into Badwater. I'll look forward to seeing you out there next summer! If there's anything I can do to help you prepare, let me know!


MikeSiltman said...

dang julie, i google the garmin thing you had on your blog and found it was just a car gps thing, I thought it was a new running watch :)
good luck in 2009.

mike siltman

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Julie! I look forward to hearing about all of your journey! The body comp in particular, I can't wait! And what if, when you've trained so hard, you do shake your booty, just a little bit? What of it? It's the stupid shoes and the press on nails that get me...I say you deserve a booty shaking! Zoey

Anonymous said...

I love all your goals, thanks for sharing.

I just saw that Badwater is 800 bucks. WOW.I was shocked. It's even more than an Ironman branded event.

Julie B said...

Yes, Badwater is Big Bucks. I don't get it. Maybe because they only accept 90 or less to run each year. There is no aid for heaven's sake! I don't know. When you pay $$ you seem to hold yourself accountable. Or, I do. I find that when I charge for classes, training, etc. the clients show up. When it's free-they don't show.

Where do you see that I made top 100 runners in 100 mile distance?

Yeah, Mike, just a car GPS. I've only used it once..

Julie B said...

Oh, and on the comp. Thanks for the supportive comments Zoey and Damon. I think I will compete in Bodybuilding; not Figure.