Saturday, January 10, 2009


I can't believe how well my iPhone works. I took this photo after my first snowshoe run this morning. My Cannon is worthless when the temperature is 20F or less. The battery drains. The iPhone: I carried it with me for three hours. I began running at -21F and finished at -6F. I was able to take the photo. It's a good photo! Better than my Cannon. Amazing.
After taking the photo I emailed it to myself and Mom and Dad. Amazing again I say. Amazing.
No, it didn't snow today. I am just Frosty.
Guess what else my iPhone did today? On snowshoe run number two, this afternoon, it identified bird calls for me while at Lake Maria State Park. Yes! I kid you not.
On the way home from they gym today I heard a song on 93X that I didn't know all of the words too. I clicked on radio click, touched 93X, view lyrics and bammo. Lyrics to the song. I was singing, reading and driving at the same time. I guess this could be dangerous...
I heart my iPhone.


Carilyn said...

Oh man, don't tell me that! I just bought a Blackberry, debated forever about the iPhone! It sounds awesome. You look cold! So impressed that you can run (or snowshoe) when it is freezing :)

Damon said...


The iPhone finally arrived in Vermont yesterday and I went and waited in line like everyone else who "had" to have one. So far, I'm very impressed with it in every respect. I spent time yesterday with some friends, creating contacts. I love the option to take an instant photo and add the picture right into the contact info.

The "where am I" feature might come in handy in the outback someday too.

Enjoy the cold weather. It was -29F here this morning, but things are supposed to start warming up over the weekend.