Friday, January 09, 2009

Upper Midwest Trail Series

We, the UMTR group, are now accepting renewals and new membership for the 2009 calendar year. We have finalized the FAB 5 Fifties Ultra Series.

The FAB 5 Fifties Ultra Series consists of the following races:

April 18 Trail Mix 50K
April 25 Chippewa Moraine 50K
May 9 Ice Age 50K or 50M
May 16 Superior 50K
July 4 Afton 50K
August 22 Lean Horse 50 M (100 Mile Split)
September 11 Superior 50 M (100 Mile Split)
October 11 Glacial Trail 50 M
October 17 Wild Duluth 50K

For the rules/locations check our link above.

The Minnesota Trail Series will consist of trail runs with distances of 5K to the Marathon.
There will be 12 races in total.

ALL of the races are held on trail; no roads!

Wynn Davis and I will be offering a beginning trail running class beginning in the early spring, consisting of 4 classes. We’ll begin at Afton State Park. More details will follow here and upon the UMTR website.

UMTR is for anyone interested in trail running. You do NOT have to be experienced nor do you have to run ultras!! We're a fun bunch to hang out with :)

I am leading snowshoe classes at Lake Maria State Park on Saturday afternoons. We are having a blast! There are three miles of packed snowshoe trails and we are able to snowshoe anywhere in the park EXCEPT the groomed trails. Good fun!


Adam said...

A beginner's trail running class, what a great idea! I think the trail running community is much better for beginners because it's far less intimidating than road races where everybody takes themselves so seriously.

SteveQ said...

Glacial is October 11 and Wild Duluth appears to be Oct. 17.

Julie B said...

Thanks Steve for the corrections!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Glad you find a niche!
And yes! Stay not only off but FAR AWAY from groomed trails. I got turned around and lost once. I was walking, carrying my snowshoes in the large area between tracks and some guy came up behind me SCREAMING! I just said nicely I was not walking on the tracks and SO MUCH FOR A SILENT SPORT!
I miss running! Well, my attempt to hurl myself down the road/trail at a fast pace!