Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yeah, It's Cold Outside

It is. Cold. Outside.

Last night at about 900 I finished watching my DVR of The Biggest Loser. I love the series. I loved that Dan, the heaviest so far at 400+ pounds, the youngest so far, at 19 (or 18?), actually told Jillian to crank up the treadmill and go FASTER! He was running 30 seconds at a 7 minute mile. While Joelle whined about having to jog for 30 seconds. Dan has the mentally tough enough attitude to get him where he needs to be. He WANTS to work out, he wants to feel his body move. It's amazing. I cried.

Anyhow, pretty soon across the TV were the happy words: Big Lake School District: Closed Tomorrow. Woohoo! Nothing better than an unplanned day off. The boys ran around in circles hooting and hollering and I joined in. Good stuff.

This morning it was -26F on our thermometer with a - 53 wind chill. The wind was only 10 mph but it is enough to get a low low reading.

Topaz donned his cordura booties and I donned my Gortex Inov8 Flyrocks. I love them. I wear test Vasque and tried out a Gortex version of the Blur. I didn't care for the bulkiness, how heavy they felt and stiff. It is only a test model and may not be the one that will show up on the market. The Inov8's feel like a glove. A nice, light, warm and dry glove.

The trail was quiet. Not a peep from a bird, no action from the deer. Just stillness. I didn't feel cold. I had on two pair of heavy tights, two shirts a jacket, gloves, mittens, gaiter and hat. I was actually comfortable. My back was too warm and I could feel sweat rolling off of it. That was an odd sensation. I was thankful that the Northwoods Snowshow Marathon wasn't today. It was even colder in Duluth! Crazy.

The booties kept Topaz's paws safe. He didn't perform 'cold foot dance' where he lifts one foot and then another, he didn't have to eat ice from his paws. We had a nice enjoyable 5 mile romp through the woods.

When it is this cold the snowshoes make a distinct click click click upon the frozen snow. My neck gaiter was frozen solid with snot and such. I had to give it the spin around to the back of my head. I'll carry an extra along while I do the marathon and another in my bag that I can stash at the start line. We loop through one time. I'll have to do the spin.

It is supposed to be this cold again tomorrow morning. I can't imagine we'd get another day off. But I'd sure like it :)

On the bright side: Last night we finished our snowshoe run at 505 PM and it was still light outside! We have gained 26 minutes of daylight since December 21. Woohoo!

I was very grateful to come home and hop onto the treadmill for 10 miles. I didn't get bored, didn't feel out of energy. I was so happy to have a day from work, an unexpected day where I could run, go to the gym and hang out with the boys. Good stuff.

Embrace the cold. Have some fun. Minnesota Tough.


David Ray said...

Minnesota tough indeed.

"I didn't feel cold." That one is hard to believe. :)

It's nice to read about such things. I saw some ice on the ground today here in Georgia. Brrrr.

SteveQ said...

You know I enjoy "The Biggest Loser" for all the wrong reasons, but I think Dan might be young enough to actually change. Erik from 2 years ago regained 100 pounds; so did Matt from the year before that (and his wife Suzy regained 60+). Fast weight loss makes for good TV, but slower usually works better.