Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Cold.

A frosty -32F at home this morning. I don't recall seeing the thermometer this low..ever.. at our home in Orrock Township. We've lived here for 18 years. It's downright cold.

I ran on the treadmill this morning. Topaz whined at my feet, sad that we weren't on the trail. I'll take him out later in the afternoon for a short jog when it warms up a bit. If it warms up a bit.

We've been below zero for 86 hours.

Tomorrow promises to be a warmer day. Above zero! Even in Duluth :)

Oh. Monday is the deadline for applying to Badwater. I haven't sent in my app. I'm having a hard time justifying the expense. I don't know that I need to spend $795 in application fee and probably a few more thousand in rental, crew, hotel and airfare. My Dad's advice to me growing up was always 'when in doubt, don't do it' . Because I am having trouble justifying the expense, maybe I should let this one go. I don't know.


Anonymous said...

I will start the pot by mailing you 20 bucks to DO THIS THIS YEAR!

There, down to $775.


David Ray said...

Go with the gut feeling. Always works for me. And when I don't, I regret it.

I'm enjoying the reports from the Great White North.

Anonymous said...


I have no doubt you could have success at Badwater. The cost of the whole package does add up and up though. Have you crewed for someone to see if this is really worth it to you. I remember reading a comment from Ann Trason who i believe NEVER ran Badwater. She said all she could think of while crewing was "Beam me up Scotty".. Just get me out of here. She knew this was not for her. You too are definetly qualified, but maybe you are smart at looking at the whole picture.

SteveQ said...

I told Paul Hasse that I'd crew if he got in and, if he doesn't, there's probably Pierre or Storkamp who'll do it and I'll crew for them - I've heard people say crewing first at Badwater's a good idea. If you don't enter, hook up with someone else who is.